Thinking about new ducted heating ahead of the winter chill? Mitsubishi Electric Australia reveals latest outdoor units


Mitsubishi Electric Australia, a leader in air conditioning reliability, energy efficiency, and performance in the tough Australian environment, has expanded its Mr Slim line-up, perfect for Australians who are considering ducted air conditioning ahead of winter.

Suitable to heat or cool a wide variety of applications, the new PUZ-M INVERTER M Series is set to be one of this year’s stand out air conditioning split systems combining efficiency with versatility.

Physically compact and discreet, Mr Slim derives its name from its neatly designed outdoor units that were the first to offer wall mounting as an alternative to roof mounting.

Compared to the current twin fan model, PUZ-M100/125 single fan models are now smaller units for the same capacity. The units have a 26% reduction in height and 35% reduction in weight, compared to current models. The reduced height of the single fan models is designed to be less intrusive and take up less space on balconies and outdoor areas. This allows them to be installed in ‘out of sight’ and narrow locations, whilst not spoiling any aesthetic views. The reduced weight will be welcomed by installers making the units easier to handle.

The units offer full inverter control that ensures a high level of performance, including the finer control of operation frequency. As a result, improved power management is applied in all heating and cooling ranges, and maximum comfort is achieved while consuming less energy.

Another innovative feature of the Mr Slim unit is the optional Wi-Fi interface enabling full control and monitoring via the Mitsubishi Electric App, as well as Smart Air Conditioning capabilities when installed with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.

“We continue to improve air conditioning systems and offer customers next-generation solutions through new products. The balance between compact design and improved performance are definitely highlights for this year,” said Atesh Mani, National Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Australia.

“This is likely to be popular in new-build Aussie homes with a clean design. It’s perfect for apartments and smaller houses that only have a small hidden space for installation but want to maintain the best features and still enjoy the full ducted experience” said Atesh.

The PUZ-M series is connectable to our PEA-M100/125/140GAA and PEAD-M100/125/140JAAD ducted indoor units.

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