Legal Statements

Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty. Ltd. website terms & conditions, privacy policy, standard conditions of purchase & supply.

Privacy Policy

At Mitsubishi Electric Australia, we respect the privacy of individuals and their interactions with us. Our Privacy Policy spells out what information we collect and how we use it to service our customers.

Statement of Notifiable Matters

The Credit Reporting Privacy Code requires Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty Limited to disclose to you a number of “notifiable matters” at or before the time we collect personal information which is likely to be disclosed to a credit reporting body. The notifiable matters we are required to disclose to you are set out in this Statement of Notifiable Matters.

Credit Reporting Policy

This Credit Reporting Policy explains how Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty Limited will manage credit information and credit eligibility information.

Standard Conditions of Supply

Our Standard Conditions of Supply apply to goods and services supplied by Mitsubishi Electric Australia and are our standard conditions for our invoices.

Standard Conditions of Purchase

The Standard Conditions of Purchase are our standard terms applied to all of our Purchase Orders.

Website Terms and Conditions

The legal use of the Mitsubishi Electric Australia website is outlined in our Website Terms and Conditions.

Whistleblower Policy Summary

This is a summary version of the Whistleblower Policy (Policy) of Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty Ltd. A full version of this Policy can be provided upon request. Download the summary for contact details.