Ducted Air Conditioning



  • Capacity Range: 5.0 kW - 14.0 kW
  • External static pressure range 35-125 Pa
  • Low profile design
  • Built-in condensate pump
  • Wide selection of fan speeds
  • Wi-Fi Control*

Experience the versatility and precision of the low-profile ducted Mitsubishi Electric PEAD series air conditioners, designed to meet your heating and cooling needs with exceptional efficiency.

Quality, reliability and comfort

Mitsubishi Electric low-profile PEAD-M-JAAD ducted air conditioner

An ideal ducted solution for any home

If you’ve ever considered ducted air conditioning but are concerned your home’s design may not be able to accommodate it, then the PEAD series could be the perfect solution. The PEAD series is a slim and discrete climate control option with a height of just 250 mm. This makes ducted air conditioning installation possible even in homes with low ceilings and minimal ceiling installation space.

Flexible ducted air conditioning design

Comfort delivered

In addition to its conveniently lean design, the PEAD series also provides variable airflow settings that further enhance the unit’s versatility. No matter the layout of your home, a PEAD ducted air conditioner can ensure optimal performance and even airflow distribution throughout the entire house. Five-stage external static pressure conversions ranging from 35 to 125 Pa and three fan speeds provide flexibility in designing ductwork to suit a wide range of building types with varying static pressure requirements. All of this means the PEAD series can deliver comfort to where you need it.

PEAD-M low profile ducted air conditioner with built-in drain pump

Hassle-free maintenance

For simple and easy maintenance, the PEAD ducted system series comes with a long life filter that can be easily removed for cleaning when needed. This series of air conditioners also feature a drainage pump installed as standard, meaning it’s one less component you need to buy. The drain pump lift water up to 700 mm from the lower surface of the indoor unit’s main body. When it comes to ducted air conditioning units, the purpose of the pump is to help channel away the condensation water that forms during the cooling process to avoid pooling, leakage and water damage. You can rest assured knowing that any condensation water that forms will be efficiently and quickly drained by the powerful drainage pump.

Low profile design_PEAD-M71/100/125/140JAAD

Low profile design

The height of the PEAD Series (5.0kW-14.0kW) has been unified to 250mm making installation possible in low ceilings with minimal clearance space.

Drainage pump installed as standard

Drainage pump installed as standard

The drainage pump can lift condensation water up to 700 mm from the lower surface of the indoor unit’s main body.

Wide selection of fan speeds

Wide selection of fan speeds

3 fan speeds allowing a wide range of installation possibilities.

Wide external static pressure range

Wide external static pressure range

Selectable external static pressure of 35, 50, 70, 100 and 125 Pa.

Long Life Filter_PEAD-M71/100/125/140JAAD

Long Life Filter

A long life filter supplied as standard and is removable for cleaning.

Flexible Duct Design_125PA

Flexible Duct Design

With the flexibility of ducted design and up to 125Pa external static high-pressure are incorporated. The increased variation in airflow options ensures operation that best matches virtually all room layouts.

Wi-Fi Control

Wi-Fi Control

Unlock the door to smarter heating and cooling systems, for total home comfort. This innovative technology connects your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner to your smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to fully control each unit on-the-go via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.
*1 Optional Wi-Fi adapter required per unit. Requires an internet connection and the Wi-Fi Control App downloaded on your smartphone or tablet with the latest operating system available.
*2 To use Amazon Alexa to control your air conditioner you will need an Amazon Alexa Echo device.
*3 To use Google Assistant to control your air conditioner you will need a Google Home Smart speaker.

R32 refrigerant

R32 refrigerant

R32 enables increased energy efficiency compared to R410A, with just one third of the global warming potential, the risk of environmental harm is greatly reduced.

Refrigerant R32
Cooling Capacity (Min-Rated-Max) kw 2.3-5.0-6.2 2.3-6.0-6.5 2.8-7.1-8.1 3.3-7.1-8.1 4.0-10.0-10.6 6.0-12.0-13.5 6.2-14.0-15.3 4.9-10.0-11.4 4.9-10.0-11.4 5.5-12.5-14.0 5.5-12.5-14.0 6.2-14.0-15.3 6.2-14.0-15.3
Air Volume (In) Lo-Mid-Hi L/S 200-242-283 242-300-350 292-350-417 292-350-417 400-483-567 492-592-700 533-650-767 400-483-567 492-592-700 533-650-767
Heating Capacity (Min-Rated-Max) kw 1.7-6.0-7.4 2.8-7.0-8.0 2.6-8.0-10.2 3.5-8.0-10.2 2.8-12.5-12.5 4.1-14.0-15.5 5.7-16.0-18.0 4.5-11.2-14.0 4.5-11.2-14.0 5.0-14.0-16.0 5.0-14.0-16.0 5.7-16.0-18.0 5.7-16.0-18.0
Air Volume (In) Lo-Mid-Hi L/S 200-242-283 242-300-350 292-350-417 292-350-417 400-483-567 492-592-700 533-650-767 400-483-567 492-592-700 533-650-767
Indoor unit Input[Cool/Heat] (Rated) kw 0.11/0.09 0.12/0.10 0.17/0.15 0.17/0.15 0.25/0.23 0.36/0.34 0.39/0.37 0.25/0.23 0.36/0.34 0.39/0.37
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 250x900x732 250x1100x732 250x1100x732 250x1100x732 250x1400x732 250x1600x732 250x1400x732 250x1600x732
Weight kg 26 29 29 29 39 40 44 39 40 44
Outdoor unit Dimensions (HxWxD) mm 714x800x285 880x840x330 880x840x330 943x950x330(+25) 981-1050-330(+40) 1338-1050-330(+40) 1338-1050-330(+40)
Weight kg 41 54 55 70 76 84 99 111 112 111 112 111 112





Ducted Air Conditioning

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User Manual


PEAD-M71-140JAA ducted air conditioning system User Manual.



Ducted air conditioning is an innovative solution that brings comprehensive climate control to your entire home or office space. This advanced system operates through a network of concealed ducts, allowing conditioned air to be distributed efficiently and evenly throughout multiple areas or rooms. By drawing in air, cooling or heating it, and then circulating it through the ducts, centralised ducted air conditioning ensures that every corner of your space is maintained at your desired temperature. Whether you need to control a single room or multiple rooms in your home, ducted air conditioning offers the flexibility to customise temperature settings based on individual preferences.

Professional installation is required for ducted air conditioning installation. These systems are complex and require expert knowledge in electrical work, ductwork, and other specialised skills to ensure efficient and safe operation. It is best to rely on a qualified air conditioner installer with the necessary expertise to ensure accurate unit installation and temperature sensor placement for optimal performance. The installer is also required to have the appropriate electrical and refrigerant handling licence.

Zoning refers to the capability of deactivating specific sections of your ducted air conditioning system when they are not required. The optional  Zone Controller enhances the system’s functionality by allowing you to direct conditioned air precisely where you need it within your home or office. With the ability to create up to 4 or 8 separate zones, this enables increased energy efficiency. The Zone Controller provides the flexibility to tailor your comfort preferences by selectively activating the air conditioning in occupied zones only. Enjoy the benefits of personalised climate control and energy efficiency by utilising the advanced zoning features of the Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller.


Troubleshooting common problems with your air conditioner can often be resolved without the need for professional assistance.

If your air conditioner is not cooling or heating properly, check if the desired temperature is correctly set and ensure it is in the correct mode. If the airflow seems weak, inspect and clean the air filters, particularly the return air filter to remove any dust or debris that may be obstructing the airflow. Inadequate cooling or heating could also be a result of blocked or restricted vents, so ensure that they are open and unobstructed. If your unit is leaking water, it may be due to a clogged condensate drain, which depending on the severity could easily be dealt with alone or with a technician.

In the case of unusual noises or strange odours, it is advisable to turn off the unit and contact a professional to inspect and resolve the issue.

At Mitsubishi Electric, our customers are our priority. If you need after-sales support for your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner, then our Customer Care team is here to help.