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Mitsubishi Electric Australia (MEAUST) seeks to attract and select the best and most appropriate employees regardless of gender.  Mitsubishi Electric Australia sees recruitment and selection as one of the key tools to developing the Mitsubishi Electric Australia culture and fulfilling business objectives.

Our success is driven by our employees who pride themselves in delivering the highest standards in customer service. As an employer we are committed to our core values that are embedded through Mitsubishi Electric worldwide. A career at MEAUST means joining a committed team that want to contribute to every individual’s success.

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When you think of Mitsubishi Electric, you probably think of high-quality air conditioners, but, since 1967, we have been touching your life in so many other ways.

We supply the traction system on the train that takes you home, the giant screens at the MCG, and the substation that regulates your electricity. The satellite that carries your mobile phone call are made by Mitsubishi Electric too.

No matter where you find Mitsubishi Electric, you'll see the same hallmarks of performance and dependability. Mitsubishi Electric, works for me.

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