Floor Console Air Conditioners

With their slimline design, our floor consoles are a great renovation option, fitting neatly into cavities of renovated fireplaces or heaters. The auto swing vane provides a more natural and comfortable airflow throughout the room.

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MFZ-KW-VG Series

Floor Console Air Conditioners

MFZ-KW-VG Series


  • Capacity Range: 2.5 kW- 6.1 kW
  • Slim, Sophisticated Design
  • Rapid Heating Technology
  • Multi-Flow Vane
  • Removable base for recess installation
  • Quiet operation
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Floor Console Air Conditioners

Floor standing air conditioners, also known as floor console air conditioners, are a versatile and efficient cooling and heating solution suitable for the Australian climate, and especially for the colder regions. Harnessing innovative technology, smoother, quieter operation, and ease of installation, the Mitsubishi Electric range of residential floor standing air conditioners are built to provide exceptional comfort and performance for your home.

Designed for Australia

At Mitsubishi Electric, we understand the unique challenges posed by the Australian climate. Our floor standing air conditioners are engineered to withstand these harsh conditions and deliver reliable cooling and heating year-round. Whether it’s a scorching summer or a chilly winter, our units are designed to keep your home comfortable and cosy.

Heating and Cooling

One of the key advantages of floor standing air conditioners is their ability to provide both efficient heating and cooling. This model is ideally suited to colder climates where heating is required for most time of the year. Heating is introduced at floor level to bring the room temperature up effectively and efficiently.

Quiet Operation

We understand the importance of a peaceful and quiet environment in your home. That’s why our floor standing air conditioners are designed with advanced noise reduction technology to minimise operational volume. Now you can enjoy a comfortable indoor climate without the distraction of a loud air conditioner.

Advanced Technology

Mitsubishi Electric floor standing air conditioners incorporate advanced technology to enhance performance and provide optimal comfort in your home. The latest series features Rapid Heating Technology to ensure the perfect room temperature is reached faster. Warm air is blown out in a downward direction and then sucked back into the unit to quickly raise the temperature of the air being blown out.

These units feature powerful blowers and adjustable vanes for improved air distribution and customisable airflow. With energy efficient heating and cooling capabilities, a sleek design, and smart control options, Mitsubishi Electric floor standing air conditioners offer a reliable and convenient solution for effective home climate control.

Mitsubishi Electric: Experts in Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric has been a trusted leader in the residential air conditioning industry in Australia for nearly 50 years. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for your floor console air conditioner needs. We offer a wide range of units designed to meet the unique requirements of Australian homes, providing superior performance, energy efficiency, and durability. Find a stockist near you.

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A floor standing air conditioner operates by drawing in indoor air and passing it over a coil containing a refrigerant. This process heats the air, circulating the hot air back into the room. By supplying hot air at floor level, it helps heating up the room in a short amount of time more effectively.

Mitsubishi Electric floor standing air conditioners are reverse cycle meaning that they can heat and cool your home.

While both floor standing air conditioners and portable air conditioners offer cooling and heating (for reverse-cycle models) capabilities, there are some key differences.

Portable air conditioners do not require permanent installation come in one self-contained unit. Some models require a window kit to fill in the gap in an open window for an exhaust hose to vent hot air outside.  Some portable air conditioners require a drain pan to be constantly emptied during cooling.

According to EnergyRating.gov.au, portable air conditioners with a single duct to vent hot air, will display a Zoned Energy Rating Label of no stars. While it might feel cool in front of these units, they are drawing in warm air from other areas which has a negative effect on the cooling performance. They are an inefficient form of cooling.

Floor standing units have two components, an indoor unit mounted at floor level and an outdoor unit. The cooling and heating process is managed by these two components. The indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit via refrigerant piping and electrical wiring. There is no need for a window kit for this type of permanent installation.

The choice between a floor standing air conditioner and a wall mounted unit depends on your specific needs and the layout of your home. Floor standing units are ideal for rooms without suitable wall space for installation or for those who prefer a sleek, compact and discreet design. Wall mounted units are generally more common and are suitable for most rooms, providing efficient cooling and heating with the AC unit mounted high on the wall.

Floor standing units are a popular choice in colder climates as they deliver warm air down low.

Floor standing air conditioners require an outdoor unit for operation. The outdoor unit houses the compressor and condenser, which is required for both the cooling and heating processes. The outdoor unit is located outside the home, in a ventilated position allowing for efficient heat exchange.

Installing a floor standing air conditioner requires professional expertise to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Installation requires securing the indoor unit to the floor or wall, connecting it to the outdoor unit, and properly configuring the refrigerant pipes and electrical connections. Qualified technicians will ensure that the installation process is seamless while meeting all safety and performance standards.

The installer must have the appropriate Refrigerant Handling Licence (RHL) to install a floor standing air conditioner.  Your nearest Mitsubishi Electric Specialist Dealer has the required RHL and can provide you with advice and a quote for installation of a floor mounted air conditioner.

Mitsubishi Electric floor standing air conditioners are available through our network of authorised dealers and retailers across Australia. These include specialised air conditioning dealers and appliance retailers. Find a stockist near you or request a quote online.