Lossnay Ventilation

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay ventilation systems for homes bring in fresh air and remove stale air at the same time. They are ideal for, but not limited to newly designed homes that are  airtight & highly insulated.

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VL-250-500CZPVU Vertical Lossnay

Lossnay Ventilation

VL-250-500CZPVU Vertical Lossnay


  • Fresh air without windows open
  • Designed for airtight modern homes
  • Assists moisture & condensation control
  • Retains heat
  • Bypass mode to bring in cool, fresh outside air
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Sensible Core Lossnay Heat Exchanger – VL-220CZGV-E

Lossnay Ventilation

Sensible Core Lossnay Heat Exchanger – VL-220CZGV-E

The VL-220CZGV-E sensible core heat exchanger provides centralised heat recovery ventilation for residential use with sensible heat exchange.

  • Air volume 64 l/s
  • Simultaneous air supply and exhaust
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Removes both moisture & stale air
  • Use with Mr Slim ducted systems
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Sensible Core Lossnay Heat Exchanger – LGH-50-100RVS-E

Lossnay Ventilation

Sensible Core Lossnay Heat Exchanger – LGH-50-100RVS-E

The LGH-RVS sensible core heat exchanger provides heat recovery ventilation throughout every room, including kitchens and bathrooms. A plastic core removes both moisture and stale air without transferring odours within the building.

  • Air volume 139-278 l/s
  • Simultaneous air supply and exhaust
  • Sensible core heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery ventilation
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Lossnay Ventilation

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay domestic ventilation systems are the ultimate solution for maintaining a healthy home through high level of indoor air quality. The Lossnay system removes stale air and any pollutants from inside the house, and replenish it with fresh, filtered air from outside. At the same time, it recovers the heat energy from the extracted air and transfers it to the supplied outside air to maintain the indoor air temperature and humidity as efficient as possible.

Naturally fresh filtered air

These Lossnay domestic ventilation systems are designed to provide continuous extraction of stale air from bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, laundries and other parts of the house that can become contaminated with chemicals, fumes and odours.

The Lossnay supplies a balanced flow of fresh air from outside to living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. Whilst doing this the unit minimises the energy lost by recovering the heat from the extracted air and transferring this to the supplied fresh air.

Optional higher grade filters are available to provide better filtration of incoming air. Perfect for homes that are located in high density area or prone to air pollution.

Innovative heat exchange

The Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilator is a smart solution that helps you avoid wasting energy when ventilating a room with an air conditioner. Picture a hot summer day when you want to bring in some fresh outside air to a comfortably air-conditioned room. The problem is, if you just open the windows, the hot air from outside will make the room warmer and more humid. To counter this, you might end up cranking up your air conditioner, leading to higher electricity bills.

Here’s where the Lossnay ventilation system comes in handy. It allows you to bring in fresh air without compromising the cool, dry atmosphere you want in the room. Essentially, it stops energy from escaping during ventilation, helping you save on electricity.

The key component in the Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilator is the Lossnay Core, a special heat exchanger developed by Mitsubishi Electric. This core uses partition plates made of specially processed paper (or plastic for some models) to keep the exiting room air and the fresh outside air separate. While it allows the transfer of temperature and/or humidity, it prevents the actual flow of air. The concept for this technology came about when an engineer, inspired by his daughter playing, rolled a sheet of paper into a tube and blew air through it. He noticed that the heat transferred through the paper, giving rise to the idea behind this innovative system.

Tailored ventilation solutions

Whether you are looking for a standalone Lossnay ventilation system or integration with your existing HVAC setup, Mitsubishi Electric offers versatile options to suit your needs. Our systems are compatible with split system air conditioners, ducted systems, and more, allowing you to create comprehensive indoor climate control and ventilation strategies.

Mitsubishi Electric: Pioneers in air treatment

For nearly 50 years in Australia, Mitsubishi Electric has been at the forefront of technological innovation. Our commitment to excellence extends to dehumidifiers and a range of other air treatment solutions, where we strive to create products that make a positive impact on your life. When you choose Mitsubishi Electric, you’re selecting a brand that prioritises your health and wellbeing.

Explore our other types of air treatment solutions below.

  • Air purifier: Engineered to enhance indoor air quality, our air purifier efficiently captures and removes airborne particles, allergens, and pollutants, providing clean and fresh air. Ideal for homes in dense urban areas or those who suffer from allergies, the Mitsubishi Electric air purifier can significantly reduce indoor air contaminants, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.
  • Dehumidifier: Designed to control and manage indoor humidity levels, our dehumidifier is a practical addition to homes prone to moisture buildup, like basements and bathrooms. By extracting excess moisture from the air, it helps prevent issues such as mould, mildew, and musty odours. They are also great for drying clothes that can’t go through the dryer.
  • Pedestal fan: Providing reliable air circulation, our pedestal fan ensures a consistent, comfortable atmosphere. It features adjustable heights and multi-speed settings, making it suitable for various room sizes and layouts.


Lossnay ventilation system  comprises of an outside air supply fan, an exhaust air fan and a heat exchanger  There are two separate airflows inside the unit to supply outside air and extract stale air. They are both passed through a heat exchanger to retain the heat energy from the extracted air and transfer it to the incoming outside air.

Unlike traditional ventilation systems, Lossnay ventilation combines advanced heat exchanger with mechanical ventilation system. It supplies fresh air effectively while recovering heat energy from the extracted stale air, offering superior indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay ventilation systems can be seamlessly integrated with Mitsubishi Electric ducted systems, providing a comprehensive solution for indoor air quality and climate control.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a range of Lossnay ventilation models, each designed to cater to specific ventilation needs and space requirements. The choice of the Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay ventilation model depends on the size of your space, your ventilation requirements, and any specific features you prioritise.

Whether you need a compact and straightforward solution, a model with enhanced heat recovery, or one that provides exhaust ventilation from bathrooms, kitchens, toilets or the laundry, our Lossnay ventilation lineup offers versatile options to suit your indoor air quality and ventilation needs.

Explore the specifications and features of each model below.

Sensible Core Lossnay Heat Exchanger—VL-220CZGV-E

  • Sensible core (water-resistant paper) heat exchanger
  • Compact ceiling concealed design suitable for domestic applications
  • Quiet operation (14 dBA)
  • Wired controller options: PZ-61DR-E or PZ-43SMF-EStandard G3 filter with optional medium efficiency G4 and high efficiency M6 filters
  • Optional bypass damper for free cooling
  • Air flow rate up to 64 L/s (high fan speed)

Sensible Core, Vertical Lossnay—VL-250-500CZPVU

  • Sensible core (plastic) heat exchangerCompact vertical designwith flexible configurations
  • Quiet operation (15 dBA)
  • Built-in LCD controller for user friendly control interfaceStandard G3 filter with optional medium efficiency G4, high efficiency M6 and NOx filters
  • Built-in automatic bypass mode and settable parameters
  • Input and output terminals including fan boost function with time delay and overrun timer
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi Controller for remote monitoring and control(require optional MAC-588IF-E)
  • Air flow range from 69 to 139 L/s

Sensible Core Lossnay Heat Exchanger—LGH-50-100RVS-E:

  • Sensible core (plastic) heat exchangerCeiling concealed design
  • Wired controller with LCD display PZ-62DR-E
  • Standard G3 filter with optional high efficiency M6 and F8 filters
  • Built-in automatic bypass mode and settable parameters
  • Flexible control interlock including Mr Slim, VRF and M-Net central controllerAir flow range from 139 to 278 L/s

Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay ventilation systems are available through our extensive network of authorised dealers and retailers across Australia. You can explore our range of ventilation solutions at specialised air conditioning stores. Find a stockist near you or request a quote online today.