Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

Compact and quiet, our range of ceiling cassette systems are equipped with 4-way or 1-way airflow control. They offer you the flexibility to keep your wall and floor space free without compromising on comfort. Comes with built-in drain pump.

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MLZ-KP Series

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

MLZ-KP Series


  • Capacity Range: 2.5 kW – 5.0 kW
  • 1-way airflow
  • Slimline Design – only 185 mm high
  • Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter (Optional)
  • Auto Vane Control
  • Horizontal Airflow
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SLZ-M Series

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning

SLZ-M Series


  • Capacity Range: 2.5 kW – 6.0 kW
  • 4-way airflow
  • Compact Design
  • 3D i-See Sensor (Optional)
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Outside air intake
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Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

When it comes to efficient and discreet climate control for your home or workplace, ceiling cassette air conditioners are an excellent choice. These innovative cooling and heating systems offer seamless integration into your living space while providing optimal comfort throughout the year. At Mitsubishi Electric, we specialise in air conditioning solutions, and our range of ceiling cassette units is designed to deliver superior performance and energy efficiency, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment for you and your family.

Heating and Cooling Modes

Ceiling cassette air conditioners offer the convenience of both cooling and heating, making them a versatile solution for year-round comfort. Whether you need to beat the summer heat or stay cosy during chilly winters, these energy efficient systems have got you covered. With advanced technology and precise temperature control, ceiling cassette units ensure efficient cooling during sweltering summer days and effective heating on frosty winter nights. That means you can maintain a comfortable and inviting home all year long.

Cost-Effective Installation

One of the significant advantages of ceiling cassette air conditioners is their cost-effective installation. These units are designed to be recessed into the ceiling, offering a sleek and discrete appearance that seamlessly blends with your interior decor. Installation generally requires mounting the indoor unit in the ceiling space and connecting it to the outdoor unit through refrigerant lines and electrical wiring. An experienced technician will have the expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient installation, ensuring proper connections and optimal performance of your ceiling cassette air conditioner.

Mitsubishi Electric: Experts in Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric bring nearly 50 years in the air conditioning industry in Australia, and has established itself as a trusted leader in providing top-quality cooling and heating solutions. Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the ideal choice for your ceiling cassette air conditioning needs. We offer a comprehensive range of units that are designed to deliver superior performance, energy efficiency, and durability. To enjoy premium comfort in your home or workplace, find a Mitsubishi Electric stockist near you or request a quote online.


  • Wall-mounted air conditioners: Widely recognised for their easy installation and maintenance, wall-mounted air conditioners are the most common type in the market. Available in various sizes, these units effortlessly adapt to different home settings, providing efficient cooling and heating solutions.
  • Ducted air conditioners: Ideal for larger homes with multiple rooms, ducted air conditioners are installed in the ceiling. These units utilise ducts to distribute cool or heated air throughout the entire home, ensuring comprehensive cooling or heating. With the ability to deliver consistent temperature control, ducted air conditioners offer a convenient solution for maintaining comfort in spacious residences.
  • Bulkhead air conditioners: When space is limited, bulkhead air conditioners are a practical solution. These units are installed in the wall or ceiling and feature a louvred door for even temperature distribution. Their compact design allows them to blend seamlessly into your home’s architecture while providing effective cooling or heating in rooms with restricted space.
  • Floor console air conditioners: These devices are mounted close to the floor and offer effective temperature regulation for both cooling and heating purposes. They are particularly well-suited for spaces with restricted wall or ceiling areas, providing a discreet and convenient option for maintaining desired temperatures.
  • Multi-head split system air conditioners: Perfect for homes with multiple floors or rooms that require cooling or heating, multi-head split system air conditioners consist of a single outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. The indoor unit can be selected to suit the space that requires air conditioning, ensuring personalised and efficient comfort for each space.


A ceiling cassette air conditioner is a type of air conditioning system that is installed in the ceiling, with the unit’s faceplate visible in the room below.

Ceiling cassette air conditioning is an excellent choice for a variety of spaces, including residential homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Its discreet design, efficient performance, and even temperature distribution makes it suitable for rooms with limited wall, floor or ceiling space.

A ceiling cassette air conditioner is an excellent option for home cooling and heating. Its unobtrusive design and ability to distribute conditioned air evenly make it an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Whether you have limited wall space or prefer a more seamless aesthetic, a ceiling cassette air conditioner can provide efficient and effective cooling and heating for your home.

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They utilise advanced technologies, such as inverter compressors and precise temperature control, to optimise energy consumption while delivering exceptional cooling and heating performance. Mitsubishi Electric SLZ-M ceiling cassette units can be installed with an optional 3D i-See Sensor which can detect the occupancy in the room and sets the air conditioner settings accordingly. This enables power-saving operation possible.

Mitsubishi Electric ceiling cassette air conditioners and other air conditioning solutions are available through our authorised dealers across Australia. Our network of trusted partners ensures that you can find and purchase our products easily. Contact our customer service team to locate a dealer near you and explore our range of high-quality ceiling cassette air conditioning units.