Mitsubishi Electric Australia Launches the i-FX-N Series Delivering Energy Performance in Most Load Conditions

Mitsubishi-Electric i-FX-N chiller

SYDNEY, Australia, 23 March 2021: Mitsubishi Electric Australia has announced the launch of a new air source heat pump, with full inverter compressors (444 to 1154 kW), to provide Australian businesses with a sustainable cooling solution for the best energy performance in most load conditions.

The i-FX-N is an outdoor heat pump with a combination of inverter screw compressors that are designed to Mitsubishi Electric specifications, variable speed fans, and R513A low global warming potential refrigerant. The result is a heat pump that gives a cooling capacity that exceeds 1 MW.

In a time when businesses are seeking more efficient products to drive down operational costs and are also conscious of energy efficiency regulations for new building design, the i-FX-N guarantees industrial plants and comfort applications the best solution.

Variable speed technology

Energy efficiency gains are achieved by applying variable speed technology to all its main components including the compressors, fans, and the hydronic module.

The range is available with the new R513A refrigerant, which has a global warming potential of 56% lower than the traditional R134A, while ensuring the same cooling capacity and energy performance. The new green refrigerant is not flammable, and it is in line with all the latest environmental regulations.

Extended operating limits

i-FX-N has important innovations regarding the operating limits: the new units have an extended operating range with 60°C standard for hot water production, down to -12°C ambient, in heat pump mode and up to 50°C, in chiller mode.

Easy to install and test

Another strength of this new range is its footprint. i-FX-N confirms the extremely competitive dimensions of the current FOCS-N units, resulting in one of the most compact products in the screw compressor range.

Although the new range exceeds a megawatt of power, all sizes are available for testing at the Mitsubishi Electric Testing Center in Italy for Australian customers. On request, it is possible to check the performance and noise emissions of the new i-FX-N, even under the most extreme conditions.

Atesh Mani, National Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Australia, explained why this product is anticipated to be in demand.

‘Design of increasingly efficient technological systems is at the forefront of our future products. More and more of the owners and tenants that we work with demonstrate a growing focus on efficiency for reducing cost as well as environmental issues. There is a demand for choosing sustainable plant solutions where possible.

‘This unit is also highly anticipated for the Australian market due to its compactness and operating flexibility. Thanks to the accurate sizing of all internal components and the use of variable speed technology, the unit ensures reliability and maximum efficiency in most operating conditions.’


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