Mitsubishi Electric Expands with Innovative Range of New At-Home Air Quality Products in Response to New Research Findings

Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers for the home

SYDNEY, Australia, 9 December 2021: Mitsubishi Electric Australia has expanded its consumer product range with the launch of two innovative new products engineered to tackle the air quality issues faced by millions of Australians every day.

Announced at a product launch event held in Sydney, the brand unveiled its plans to expand its local product offering into air purifiers and dehumidifiers in the Australian market.

The product update coincided with the launch of Mitsubishi Electric Australia’s new Healthy Home Trends Report – a revealing study exploring the newest trends, habits and concerns facing Australians at home.

The new air treatment products, the MA-E85R Air Purifier and the MJ-EV38HR Dehumidifier feature Mitsubishi Electric signature Made in Japan high-quality engineering and market leading performance that fulfils the needs of Australians during even the toughest conditions.

The MA-E85R Air Purifier helps to improve indoor air quality and reduce exposure to common asthma and allergy triggers, including dust, pollen, pet allergens and some gases.

Unlike other products available in the Australian market, the Mitsubishi Electric MA-E85R Air Purifier features an auto cleaning pre-filter that rotates and collects dust into a compartment, for minimum fuss and maximum performance.

Premium product filters include a high performance two-layered HEPA filter, capable of catching up to 99.97% of ultra-fine particles in the air, down to those as small as 0.3μm; a 500g activated carbon filter which removes harmful gases and unpleasant odours; while the platinum catalyst filter uses nanotechnology to absorb various odorants and deodorise the air.

Jean-Marc Adele, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Business Development Executive, said: ‘The MA-E85R Air Purifier is an exciting addition to the market, bringing with it almost 50 years of expert knowledge and Japanese engineering by Mitsubishi Electric.’

‘The device’s Smart Search Sensors are incredibly advanced, with high precision PM2.5 and odour sensors continuously scanning the room to detect and capture airborne allergens and pollutants.’

The brand also unveiled its MJ-EV38HR Dehumidifier, featuring precision humidity control. It is designed to remove excess moisture from the air and maintain a comfortable level of humidity in your home all year round – tackling major issues found in humidity hotspots and helping to reduce the risk of dampness and mould in our homes.

The MJ-EV38HR Dehumidifier boasts an energy-efficient inverter compressor, and intelligent laundry and air purification modes to offer consumers innovative new means of balancing moisture levels indoors.

Jean-Marc Adele, Mitsubishi Electric Australia Business Development Executive said: ‘As part of our Healthy Home Trends Report, when we asked people across the country how they deal with high humidity in their homes, the results were eye opening.’

‘One in five Aussies have a problem with mould at home, while one in six has damp rooms.’

‘Based on our knowledge of the market, the issues that we know everyday families are dealing with, and our new research findings, bringing these high-performance products to market was the perfect next step in Mitsubishi Electric Australia’s growth.’


Air Purifier Product Information:

  • Model name: MA-E85R-A Air Purifier
  • RRP $1,199.00
  • Key features:
    • Auto cleaning Pre-filter which keeps the filter cleaner for better performance.
    • High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 508 m3/h – CADR is the industry measure to indicate the volume of filtered air delivered by an air cleaner.
    • Large two-layer HEPA filter for long lasting performance
    • 3-Step clean light monitor which indicates the levels of indoor air contamination for dust, PM2.5 small particles and odour.
    • Smart search sensors to detect airborne allergens and pollutants.
    • Silent night mode.
    • Multi speed settings.
    • Five directional airflow louvres
    • Washable filters (Pre filter, Carbon filter, Platinum Catalyst filter)
    • 510 m3/h Air Volume
    • Made in Japan

Dehumidifier Product Information:

  • Model name: MJ-EV38HR-A Dehumidifier
  • RRP $1,699.00
  • Key features:
    • Up to 38 litres of moisture removal capacity per day.* (*Room temperature 30°C / 80% relative humidity)
    • Intelligent Laundry Mode quickly and effectively dries shoes and clothes without compromising delicate fabrics.
    • Auto Eco mode, set the desired humidity level between 50 to 70%, automatically turns off/on.
    • Inverter Technology constantly adjusts the power and running speed of the compressor according to the humidity level in the air, resulting in a more energy-efficient operation.
    • Light indicator shows when the 5.5 litre water tank is full.
    • Pre-Filter and two-layer PM2.5 filter remove common fine particles and dust from the air.
    • Timer on/off with an hourly selection from 1 to 12 hours.
    • Select the direction of airflow; upward, to the rear or wide.
    • Monitors room temperature, selecting the optimal humidity level.
    • Permanent Drainage Option – If a drain is available, the unit can continuously drain water by attaching a commercially available hose (with an internal diameter of 15 mm) to the drain. As the unit does not stop due to the water tank being full, it can operate for a long period of time without the need to empty the water tank.
    • Made in Japan


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