Keep cool for less – Top five air conditioning cooling tips to save you money

On hot, humid days, it is very tempting to reach for the air conditioning remote to gain a bit of relief. However, with electricity prices escalating at unprecedented rates, we look at ways to run your unit more efficiently that may save you money while keeping cool.
Keep cool for less - Top five air conditioning cooling tips to save you money

Your air conditioner is often the device to turn to on those hot and humid days, but there are better ways to run it more efficiently without worrying about your back pocket. To help manage the rising cost of living, while still keeping your cool follow our top advice for operating and maintaining your air conditioner.


1. Think smart:

While it can be tempting to leave your air conditioner on all night, consider whether you can automate your device to switch off a few hours after you fall asleep. Depending on your model, you can program your air conditioner in several ways. Either by using your remote control and programming the daily or weekly timer or by using Wi-Fi capabilities, which enable you to automate these settings from the convenience of your mobile app – allowing you to have the optimal room temperature while you sleep at night.

Wi-Fi control also allows you to control your air conditioner while you are not at home. Giving you control of your air conditioner from your workplace, when dining out, or for those nights you just don’t want to get out of bed. No more nagging thoughts of ‘have I turned the air conditioner off?’


2. Leverage power-saving modes:

By looking at your air conditioner’s user manual for power-saving features, you can better understand how to maximise the unit’s energy efficiency, helping you save on unnecessary costs. Many air conditioners have an economy mode that allows them to run at an optimum level whilst reducing energy usage.

A timer is also a great way to keep a cap on energy costs and usage by limiting the length of time you use your air conditioning.


3. Keep it clean:

The dirtier the filter, the harder the air conditioning unit will have to work to maintain the same temperature, meaning higher electricity consumption and more costly energy bills. As a clean filter will help your unit run more efficiently, it is recommended to clean the air filter every two weeks, and some types of filters may even need to be replaced annually. Check your air conditioner’s instruction manual for instructions and guidance on how best to care for the filters.


4. Shut doors and windows:

To get the most out of your unit, close the doors and windows to unused rooms in your home, ensuring you only cool the occupied rooms of the house.

Closing blinds and external shutters can also help keep the heat out and may reduce the load on your air conditioner.


5. Look for the stars:

The more stars on the label, the more energy efficient the unit will be, and the less your air conditioner will cost to run. A recent survey conducted by Mitsubishi Electric* revealed that 90% of Aussies are concerned about rising electricity prices, yet half of those surveyed (52%) do not understand how to read an energy label, which can make for a big shock when it comes to receiving energy bills.

Air conditioners use Zoned Energy Rating Labels (ZERL) to make choosing an air conditioner for your location easier. The stars on the energy rating labels help you to understand how much energy a particular model will consume, the cost to run, and its energy efficiency, helping you make an informed buying decision for your situation. For more information on how to easily read ZERL labels, this infographic will help break it down.


*Rising Cost of Living Report 2022

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