Refresh your Fridge for Spring with these Four Easy Cleaning Tips

Has your fridge been overworked lately? Does it look in need of a spring clean? Say goodbye to mystery containers and hello to neatly arranged shelves. We have our top four tips for refrigerator cleaning to help get your fridge looking its best again, just in time for the warmer weather.
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It’s that time of the year when we roll up our sleeves, put on our cleaning gloves, and transform our fridge into a space worthy of the spring season. Say goodbye to mystery containers and hello to neatly arranged shelves. To make sure it’s ready for all the summer foods you enjoy, the Mitsubishi Electric Refrigeration Team has a few helpful tips for giving your fridge a clean start this spring. 

Timing is key

Schedule your deep clean at the end of the week before your weekly grocery shop. This will ensure that you have less food in the fridge to take out and keep cool while you’re completing the big washdown. Take the opportunity to throw away any expired food and write a shopping list for items needing replacement.

Remove shelves with care

Most shelves and drawers in a fridge can be removed, which makes wiping down and cleaning much easier. Before you start, make sure to check your user manual and know exactly how to do this without damaging anything. You can find a copy of your Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator manual on our Guide & Manuals page.

Use the right cleaning tools

Your fridge is made up of glass and plastic, so it’s best to use mild cleaning products and tools. Use a soft cloth with warm water to wipe surfaces, and for hard-to-remove dirt, use a diluted kitchen detergent. Avoid using harsh cleaning products like alcohol, acid, boiling water, or scrubbing brushes.

Dry down thoroughly 

The inside should be completely dry before you re-add the shelves and drawers. Dry the individual shelves with a soft cloth or paper towel before putting them back in.

Finally, don’t forget to dry the door seals, which can be one of the grimiest areas. Keeping them dry after cleaning will prevent mildew and keep the seal tight and working at maximum efficiency.


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