Wall Controller

PAR-40MAA Wall Mounted Controller

The Mitsubishi Electric PAR-40MAA is a user-friendly remote controller with easy operation and an alternate display to suit the environment. This wired controller comes with a backlit LCD screen, which allows you to program up to eight separate start/stop patterns per day.

Alternate Background Display

The screen background colour can be set to black to suit the atmosphere of the living environment.


Prevents wasteful operation by automatically returning to the preset temperature after a specified operating time.

After adjusting the temperature for initial cooling on a hot summer day or heating in winter, it is easy to forget to return the temperature setting to its original value. The Auto-Return function automatically resets the temperature back to the original setting after a specified period of time, thereby preventing overcooling/overheating.

The Auto-Return activation time can be set in 10-minute units, in a range between 30 and 120 minutes. *Auto-Return cannot be used when Temperature Range Restrictions is in use.

Energy Efficiency Schedule

Energy Efficiency Schedule

Capacity control of outdoor unit.

The amount of power consumed in each time period is managed so that the demand value is not exceeded. The demand control function can be set to start and finish in 5-minute increments. Additionally, the level can be adjusted to 0, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90% of maximum capacity, and up to 4 patterns can be set per day. Air conditioning operation is automatically controlled to ensure that electricity in excess of the contracted volume is not consumed.

Night Setback_PAR-40MAA

Night Setback

Keep desired room temperatures automatically.

This function monitors the room temperature and automatically activates the heating mode when the temperature drops below the preset minimal temperature setting. It has the same function for cooling, automatically activating the cooling mode when the temperature rises above the preset maximum temperature setting.

Temperature Range Restriction

Prevents Overcooling/Overheating.

Using a temperature that is 1°C lower/higher for cooling/heating results in a 10% reduction in power consumption.* Temperature Range Restriction limits the maximum and minimum temperature settings, contributing to the prevention of overcooling/overheating. *Based on Mitsubishi Electric laboratory tests in controlled conditions.

Weekly Timer_PAR-40MAA

Weekly Timer

Set up to 8 patterns per day including temperature control.

Weekly schedule timer can save two different settings which can be easily switched according to different seasons. In addition, it offers eight different pattern settings per day. (On, Off and temperature setting). *Weekly Timer cannot be used when on/off Timer is in use.

Other Features

  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Alternate Background Display
  • Energy Efficiency Schedule
  • Night Setback
  • Temperature Range Restriction
  • Auto-Return
  • Auto-Off Timer
  • Weekly Timer
  • Easy Maintenance Function




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