Mitsubishi Electric Industry Automation Controllers.

  • Programmable Controllers MELSEC
  • Simple Application Controllers
  • Motion Controllers
  • Computerised Numerical Controllers (CNCs)
  • Data Logging Analyser - MELQIC

MELSEC Series flexibly meet the production requirements. Ideal solutions for users.

The ALPHA2 series can be easily used in all places where control is needed for the home, office, or factory.

An evolution in high performance and reliability delivered by the next generation of motion control.

As a global CNC provider, we provide optimum technologies and support for the users making a step toward the future.



Programmable Controllers MELSEC

Comprehensive controller lineup available to meet customers’ requirements, from small-scale and stand-alone to medium and large-scale systems. Ranges include MELSEC iQ-R Series next-generation programmable automation controller, and MELSEC iQ-F Series high-performance compact-class controller with a rich assortment of integrated functions.

Simple Application Controllers

The easy to use entry model controller for simple applications. The ALPHA2 controllers offer simple, reliable control for a range of automation applications including lighting, air conditioning, security systems, temperature, and water control.

Motion Controllers

Servo system controllers are control devices that achieve high speed and high accuracy drive control for each industrial machine.
A variety of PLC system-based and industrial PC-based servo system controllers are included in our product lineups. A suitable module can be selected for specific system requirements.

Computerised Numerical Controllers (CNCs)

Mitsubishi Electric NC develops complex and high-performance NC solutions, supporting and unleashing the potential of machine tools all over the world, to cut fast and smooth on the shop floor.

Data Logging Analyser – MELQIC

The MELQIC is the all-in-one unit for logging, analysis, judgement, and storage of data critical for quality improvement.





IPSUMM, a multi-divisional product development company, engineered a work cell using a Mitsubishi Electric 6-axis robot, capable of Quick switching among diverse manufacturing tasks, easy to reconfigure manufacturing capacity and scalable to reduce capital investment demands.



MELSEC iQ-R Series Platform Brochure

The MELSEC iQ-R Series has been developed from the ground up based on common problems faced by customers and rationalizing them into seven key areas: Productivity, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality, Connectivity, Security and Compatibility.



Melsec iQ-R-2020

The MELSEC iQ-R Series offers a wide range of programmable automation controllers capable of handling diversified automation control needs.




FX3U controller.