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9900D Series

9900D Series
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • UP to 97% efficiency, even at low loads (>99% in ECO-mode)
  • Modular design allows for N or N+1 reliability
  • VRLA, flooded, Ni-Cad and LiB compatible
  • Advanced IGBT 3 level topology
  • Expandable in 350kVA increments

Mitsubishi Electric 9900D series industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) has been designed to deliver superior reliability to satisfy the relentless demands of cloud and colocation data centres. Our 9900D has a sustained load carrying capacity of 99.9995% throughout operational history.

  • Expandable in 350kVA increments
  • 150% overload capacity for 1 minute
  • 125% overload capacity for 10 minutes
  • Easy to use HMI
  • Parallel up to 6 units for a capacity of up to 10.5MW
  • VRLA, flooded, Ni-Cad and LiB compatible

M9950 Series

M9950 Series
  • Maximum performance & reliability
  • UP to 96% efficiency, even at low loads (>99% in ECO-mode)
  • Advanced IGBT 3-level topologies
  • VRLA, flooded, Ni-Cad and LiB compatible
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Parallel up to 8 units to a maximum capacity of 4.8MW

The M9950 series UPS offers a true online double conversion, high performance, high density and high-efficiency experience to users. Designed with industry leading power electronics and controls technology and incorporating innovative advanced multilevel conversion technology to create a 3-level output voltage which reduces switching loss.

  • 150% overload capacity for 1 minute
  • 125% overload capacity for 10 minutes
  • Easy to use HMI
  • VRLA, flooded, Ni-Cad and LiB compatible
  • Multiple cable entry points

BCL04-BB LiB Cabinet

BCL04-BB LiB Cabinet
  • 40-60% smaller footprint than VRLA
  • 60% lower weight than VRLA
  • Low maintenance
  • 3 year warranty
  • 15 year lifespan
  • 40% reduction to your total cost of ownership (TCO) over VRLA

The Samsung lithium-ion battery solution, BCL04, was specifically designed to meet the demands of large-scale UPS applications. With the high current capabilities of the Lithium Manganese Oxide / Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide mix (LMO / NMC), this battery is capable of providing megawatts of power in just a few strings. Pair the high-power density with its 15-year design life, and it is now a leading battery solution for all high-power applications.

  • 3 year warranty
  • Integrated Battery Monitoring Systems
  • High efficiency
  • Higher cycle life
  • High energy density

SCADA software-ICONICS Suite

SCADA software-ICONICS Suite
  • Next generation SCADA software
  • Secure, Industrial IoT connectivity
  • Distributed alarm management
  • Cross-browser, cross-platform access
  • Monitor entire buildings or multiple sites in real-time

Transform your industrial control system with the most advanced SCADA software and visualization platform, providing the greatest performance, reliability, and flexibility for operators, engineers, and executives to manage their enterprise. Experience the power of situational awareness with unified, real-time, historical, and alarm information for any manufacturing, energy, industrial, or building automation application by using distributed Geo-SCADA 2D and 3D dashboards.

Personnel can be notified of real-time and historical alarm information via SCADA or HMI displays when and where operators need to see them.

GENESIS64™ is just one in the flexible portfolio of products that is part of the ICONICS Suite™. The scalable software solutions feature advanced visualization technology to run on any desktop or mobile device, high availability, centralized configuration, and the ability to connect to a wide variety of industry standard communication protocols.

Hyper Historian

Data Historian
Hyper Historian
  • High speed data collection from any PlC’s, IoT devices, building equipment and more
  • Replay real-time, historical, and archived data
  • Store and forward critical data
  • Use insightful trends and charts for proactive decision-making
  • Leverage rapid collection for enterprise deployments
  • Export data to Azure Data Lakes, Hadoop, and other cold storage

ICONICS’ Hyper Historian™ is an advanced 64-bit high-speed, reliable, and robust historian. Designed for the most mission-critical applications, Hyper Historian’s advanced high compression algorithm delivers unparalleled performance with very efficient use of resources. Hyper Historian integrates with our ISA-95-compliant asset database and the latest big data technologies, including Azure SQL, Microsoft Data Lakes, Kafka, and Hadoop. This makes Hyper Historian the most efficient and secure real-time plant historian for any Microsoft operating system.


IoT software for Edge to Cloud Architectures
  • Create self-service dashboards
  • Leverage powerful analytical tools with business intelligence
  • Customise dynamics and symbols in any display
  • Choose from a wide variety of industry specific symbol libraries
  • Simplify configuration with drag and drop interactions
  • Create and distribute reports

IoTWorX™ combines ICONICS’ cutting-edge IoT gateway software with its proven HMI/SCADA, analytics, and mobile solutions running on-premise or in the cloud. ICONICS offers manufacturers and facility managers several key IoT technologies, including connectivity to your high value assets, secure cloud communications, and built-in real-time visualisation. Analytics at the edge result highly reliable local dashboards and analytics while leveraging Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technology to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency significantly. Users can connect to virtually any automation equipment through natively supported industry protocols such as OPC UA, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, databases, web services, and hundreds of third-party devices through an integrated set of partner developed Linux Drivers.


Real-time KPIs and alerts
  • Access HMI and SCADA on any mobile device
  • Create self-service dashboards with KPIWorX
  • Leverage augmented reality with location services
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Navigate mobile displays with the AppHub
  • Scale applications with IoT integration
  • Visualize with innovative 3D graphics capabilities

MobileHMI is an enterprise mobile application that runs on hundreds of different phones and tablets and can scale to thousands of devices. MobileHMI delivers real-time rich visualization, historical trends, and alarm notifications without compromising security. MobileHMI addresses the growing need for connectivity away from operator stations, allowing personnel to monitor and control from anywhere. The consistent user experience across any device enables teams to mobilize without requiring any upfront investment in device standardization.


Connected Field Worker Solution
  • Workflow-based escalation
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Notifications via email, SMS, or mobile app
  • Real-time monitoring of connected equipment
  • Field service worker prioritisation system
  • Integrates with popular CRM systems and Active Directory

CFSWorX™ is a solution designed to streamline the efficiency of field service organisations through intelligent scheduling and reliable notifications. It empowers field service workers and maintenance personnel to move past the legacy break/fix model toward more proactive facilities and equipment management. This enables organizations in any industry to reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs. CFSWorX provides a video expert capability, making it possible for a remote field worker to instantly be connected to subject matter experts anywhere in the world.