Water Cooled

Water Cooled Heat Recovery


The CITY MULTI WR2 series provides all of the advantages of the R2 series with the added benefits of a water heat source system, making it suitable for wider range of applications in high rises, frigid climates, coastal areas, etc.

Not only does it produce heat recovery from the indoor units on the same 2-pipe refrigerant circuit, it also produces heat recovery via the water circuit between heat source units, making it a very economical system.

Double heat recovery operation (WR2)

"The first heat recovery is within the refrigerant system. Simultaneous cooling and heating operation is available with heat recovery performed between indoor units.
The second heat recovery is within the water loop, where heat recovery is performed between the PQRY units. This double heat recovery operation substantially improves energy efficiency and makes the system the ideal solution to the requirements of modern office buildings, where some areas require cooling even in winter.

World’s first 2-pipe heat recovery system

The BC Controller houses a liquid/gas separator, allowing the outdoor unit to deliver a mixture (2-phase) of hot gas for heating and liquid for cooling, all through the same pipe. When this mixture arrives at the BC Controller, it is separated and the correct phase delivered to each indoor unit depending on the individual requirement of either heating or cooling.

Reduced plant room sizes

As water is used for heat exchange at the condensing unit that does not output any radiant heat into the surrounding area, the Mitsubishi Electric Water Cooled VRF condensing units are able to be installed in small plant rooms on each level thereby, minimising floor space and therefore providing more usable floor space for clients use.

Existing water circuit re-use

Water Cooled VRF connects to a building’s closed water circuit, including from previous chiller systems.

Other Features

  • Capacity range: 22 to 150 kW
  • Double heat recovery (WR2)
  • World’s first 2-pipe heat recovery system
  • Reduced plant room sizes
  • Existing water circuit re-use
  • Connect up to 15 to 50 indoor units to a single condensing unit
  • Individual indoor unit control option
  • Centralised control option
  • Max. refrigerant piping length: 550-750 m (P200-P900)
  • Maximum Allowable Length: 165 (P190 equivalent)Max. refrigerant piping length: 300-500 m (P200-P900)



City Multi

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Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre

Alpine visitor centre heated by an in screed hydronic underfloor heating using the Mitsubishi Electric Air to Water system using a CITY MULTI PUHY VRF heat pump and PWFY HEX units



Rydges Palmerston Hotel

Water cooled CITY MULTI VRF system selected for the constant hot and humid conditions in Darwin, does not require ventilation or external cooling.



Next Hotel Brisbane

Renovated hotel upgrades air conditioning system to Mitsubishi Electric 2-pipe heat recovery water cooled CITY MULTI VRF utilising existing chilled water system.