Centralised Air Conditioning Controllers


The AE-200E is a state of the art, 10.4" LCD colour touch screen controller to provide you the ultimate system management tool. The AE-200E’s large, back-lit display makes programming a breeze, giving you control of temperature, fan speed and airflow options at the touch of the screen.

With the added benefit of comprehensive energy consumption monitoring and comparisons with the previous year’s power consumption. Monitor and control 50 indoor units, control up to 200 units by using three AE-50E / EW-50E expansion controllers. One of the most advanced energy monitoring centralised controllers available. The AE-200E allows complete control from one location.

* Some of the advanced functions require additional licence pin registration. Contact your local Mitsubishi Electric representative for more information.

Control third party equipment

The AE-200E can control third party equipment, such as fans and lighting when the optional PAC-YG66MCA interface is connected.

Energy monitoring of multiple air conditioning systems

Monitor the energy consumption of multiple air conditioning systems when linked with the AE-50E / EW-50E expansion controllers. Licence pin required.

Historical trend analysis of energy data

The Energy data stored on controller to enable historical trend analysis (licence pin required).

Graphical representation of energy consumption

Graphical representation of energy consumption

The AE-200E provides a graphical representation of energy consumption on both on the touch screen and via web pages. Energy consumption can be viewed by units, groups and blocks and compared with energy targets and previous year’s power consumption. Licence pin required.

Apportioned Electricity Charge Function

The amount of power consumed by the air conditioners is calculated with the use of AE-200E. The calculated data can be output to a PC connected LAN, and the charge report can be created with the use of a designated charge calculation tool.

Energy consumption monitoring_AE-200E

Energy consumption monitoring

Energy consumption of air-conditioning equipment by individual area is displayed using graphs for easier viewing. Enables comparisons with the previous year's power consumption as well as with the target electric power, thus allowing users to check the operating state at a glance. An optional floor layout can be displayed on the 10.4 inch LCD touch panel, facilitating the easier operation of air-conditioning equipment.

Other Features

  • Touch screen control of up to 50 units (200 units with AE-50E/ EW-50E connected).
  • Control of M series, Mr Slim, City Multi VRF HVRF and LOSSNAY units.
  • Control third party equipment
  • Scheduling and night set back
  • Web-based control
  • Energy consumption monitoring*
  • Historical trend analysis of energy data*
  • Graphical representation of energy consumption*
  • View energy consumption targets*
  • Downloadable energy data files (CSV)*
  • Power apportioning for tenant billings*
  • BACnet communication*
Item Description Operations Display
Controllable number of unit Up to 50 units / 200 groups – with the use of AE-50E / EW-50E ✴ • ▶ ■ ✴ •
ON/OFF ON and OFF operation for the air conditioning units and general equipment.
(To operate general equipment, PAC-YG66DCA is required.)
✴ • ▶ ■
Operation mode Switches between several operation modes depending on the air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning unit: Cool/Dry/Auto(*)/Fan/Heat

LOSSNAY unit: Heat Recovery/Bypass/Auto

Air To Water (PWFY) units: Heating, Heating ECO, Hot Water, Anti-freeze, Cooling (**)

* Auto mode is for CITY MULTI R2 and WR2 series only. ** Only PWFY

✴ • ▶ ■
Fan speed Models with 4 airflow speed settings: Hi/Mid-2/Mid-1/Low

Models with 3 airflow speed settings: Hi/Mid/Low

Models with 2 airflow speed settings: Hi/Low

Fan speed setting (including Auto) varies depending on the model.

✴ • ▶ ■
Airflow direction setting Airflow Direction angles, 4-angles or 5-angles Swing, Auto

(Louver cannot be set)

✴ • ▶ ■
Schedule operation Weekly schedule can be set by groups based on daily operation pattern. ✴ • ▶ ■
Permit/prohibit local operation Individually prohibits operation of each local remote con

(ON/OFF, Operation mode, Set temperature, Filter sign reset, Air Direction*, Fan Speed*, Timer*)

* This function depends on the model

✴ • ▶ ■
Indoor unit intake temperature Measures the intake temperature of the indoor unit only when the indoor unit is operating. ×
Error When an error is currently occurring on an air conditioning unit, the allocated unit and the error code are displayed. × ☐ •
Test run This operates air conditioning units in test run mode. ✴ • ▶ ■
Ventilation interlock The ventilation unit (LOSSNAY) is able to automatically start its operation when operation of the interlocked indoor unit starts. ✴ • ▶ ■
External input/output By using optional external input/output adapter (PAC-YG10HA-E) the monitor can be set at the following

Input : By level signal : “Batch ON/OFF”, “Batch emergency stop”

By pulse signal : “Batch ON/OFF”, “Enable/disable local remote controller”

Output : “ON/OFF”, “Error/Normal”

Energy Management Bar Graph : Indoor unit Electric Energy, FAN operation time, Thermo-ON time (TOTAL, Cooling, Heating) can be displayed hourly, daily and monthly. Line Graph : Outdoor temp., Room temp., Set temp. (Heating, Cooling) input from PAC-YG63MCA and temp from AHC. × ☐ ✴ ■
Advanced HVAC Controller (AHC) The status of AHC can only be monitored. ×
New ME controller The status of sensor on this controller can be monitored. ×
Smartphone / Tablet The specified web browser on iOS and Andriod IOS can monitor and operate AE-200E
New Web Design The web screen design is renewed for a user friendly interface. ✴ • ▶ ■
BACnet© Communication ANSI/SHRAE 135-2010 (ISO16484-5) is supported and approved by the BTL ×





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