Beat the winter chill with the SUZ-M INVERTER Series

SUZ-M Inverter M Series with ceiling cassette for offices

Mitsubishi Electric expands Mr Slim air conditioning range with the new SUZ-M series available in R32 refrigerant, making it more energy-efficient compared to previous R410A models. Ideal for residential and light commercial applications, the SUZ-M series works with a broad range of indoor units, perfect for many interior designs.

The single fan SUZ-M50 5.0 kW model is designed to be less intrusive and take up less space on balconies and outdoor areas, so as not to spoil any aesthetic views.

Physically compact and discreet, the SUZ-M50 5.0 kW model has a height reduced to 714 mm and a 24% reduction in weight, compared to the previous model, meaning that it also has a much easier installation.

Optional Wi-Fi interfaces for each indoor unit enable full control and monitoring via the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control App, as well as Smart Air Conditioning capabilities when installed with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.

The SUZ-M inverter range includes capacities from 2.5 kW through to 7.1 kW and compliments the R32 refrigerant ranges through to 14 kW.

Specifications Indoor units

  • SEZ-M25/35/50/60/71DA(L) Compact bulkhead
  • PEAD-M50/60/71JAA(D) Ceiling concealed
  • SLZ-M25/35/50/60FA-A 2×2 Ceiling cassette
  • PLA-M71EA-A 4-Way Ceiling cassette
  • MLZ-KP25/35/50VF 1-Way Ceiling cassette
  • PCA-M50/60/71KA Ceiling suspended

Available models (Outdoor units)

  • SUZ-M25VAD-A – 2.5 kW
  • SUZ-M35VAD-A – 3.5 kW
  • SUZ-M50VAD-A – 5.0 kW
  • SUZ-M60VAD-A – 6.0 kW
  • SUZ-M71VAD-A – 7.1 kW

*Optional upgrade adapter required per unit. Requires an Internet connection and the App downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet with the latest Operating System available.

*To use Amazon Alexa to control your air conditioner, you will need an Amazon Alexa Echo device.

*To use Google Assistant to control your air conditioner, you will need a Google Home smart speaker.


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