How to take control of your home office comfort this winter

Many of us are working from home these days, but how do we ensure we keep our home office comfortable and energy-efficient during the cool winter weather.
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How to keep your home office comfortable this winter

For many of us, one thing that has emerged in the last couple of years is working from home. Whether it’s full time or a couple of days a week, most of us now have a permanent space as our WFH office in our homes. But these spaces may not have been originally designed to spend the entire day in and can be chilly during the winter months.


In the 2021 Mitsubishi Electric Healthy Home Trends Report1 it was discovered that 77% of Australians have experienced a time when they were unable to work effectively at home due to heat or cold. If this is the case for you, it may be time to start thinking about ways to make your home office more comfortable. More than just an ergonomic chair or standing desk, you need to consider that your home office environment is where you will spend many hours of the week, and temperature comfort can significantly influence your productivity.


If you are working in one room, you may not want to heat your entire home, so it could be time to consider more cost-efficient solutions. A split system air conditioner can be an option but if you are working in a small space, it is important not to over-invest in a system that is too large. Consider the size of the room when choosing an air conditioner, installing the appropriate size will be more cost and energy-efficient.


With the cost-of-living rising, the energy efficiency of heating is an important consideration, you don’t want those bills to shock when they arrive. Reverse cycle air conditioning specifically models with a higher efficiency rating, produce more heat output using less energy input than any other forms of heating. When comparing it to conventional gas or portable electric heaters, reverse cycle air conditioning is the most energy-efficient form of heating. Heating usage can vary from home to home, so to properly gauge the running costs for your situation, visit, where you’ll be able to calculate energy consumption and research the most cost-effective appliances for your home.


Mitsubishi Electric has developed a split system perfect for small spaces; the MSZ-AP20 Mini was designed with smaller rooms in mind. Operating from 2.0 kW it delivers an effective heating and cooling solution that is perfect for the home office or bedroom. Able to tackle space issues by having the smallest indoor unit dimensions in the Australian market. Making it perfect for installation above a door or window frame when wall space is an issue.


It is always essential to get a professional opinion on an appropriately sized unit for your space. A qualified installer can advise your best options based on many variables such as the area to be heated, number of windows, room position in the house and much more. A Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer can offer this type of advice if you need assistance. Find your closest dealer here. 


If you want your room at the perfect temperature before starting the day, Wi-Fi control is a handy feature to look for, especially if your home office is in a separate part of the house. No more waiting for the room to heat up in winter. The MSZ-AP Mini offers optional Wi-Fi Control3, the unit can be switched on via the Wi-Fi app on your smartphone or tablet when you wake up, and the room will be at a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive with your morning coffee.


Looking to know more about the Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP Mini? You can find it on our wall mounted air conditioners page.



*1 Source – Mitsubishi Electric Healthy Home Trends Report 2021 download it here.

*2 is a joint initiative of the Australian, State and Territory and New Zealand Governments.

*3 Optional Wi-Fi adapter required per unit. Requires an internet connection and the App downloaded on your smartphone or tablet with the latest operating system available.

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