New Zoned Energy Rating Labels for our split system air conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric is in the process of changing its energy rating labels to the new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). We explain the difference between the old and news rating labels.

Mitsubishi Electric is in the process of changing its energy rating labels to the new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). ZERL will make it simple to select the most energy-efficient split system air conditioner for your home. The new rating system divides the continent into three separate climate zones (hot, average and cold), allowing you to quickly identify and compare air conditioners based on where you live. The more stars there are, the more efficient the air conditioner is.


What is the Difference Between the Old & New Zoned Energy Rating Labels?

Energy Rating Label (ERL)

The old Energy Rating Label displayed a star representation of how much cooling and heating capacity output in relation to the power input. This represented the efficiency of the unit at a set temperature regardless of location or environment.

How is the performance calculated:

  • Star ratings are based on the air conditioner’s performance at a single outdoor temperature of 7oC (heating) and 35oC (cooling).
  • The calculation includes standby power and a yearly standby time of 6760 hours.
  • The calculation assumes the air conditioner is on for 2000 hours per year and does not account for the climate in which it is operating.

ERL label

Zone Energy Rating Label (ZERL)

The new Zone Energy Rating Label reflects the performance of an air conditioner over a range of zones. These labels also have an easy to read representation of the annual electricity use of the units based on the set standards for each zone.

How is the performance calculated:

  • The calculation takes into consideration standby power and the amount of time spent in standby varies by zone.
  • Estimates the number of hours the air conditioner will be on for heating or cooling across various climatic temperatures using climate data (depending on zone).
  • Displays annual energy usage based on specific conditions.

ZERL label

The old Energy Rating Label (ERL) will be replaced by the new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). The star ratings on the old label and the new Zoned Energy Rating Labels should not be compared due to the different methods of calculating the star ratings. For more information please visit


How to Read the New Zoned Energy Rating Label

ZERL label

1 Brand & Model

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner outdoor/indoor model numbers.


2 Climate Zones

Australia and New Zealand have three rating climate zones: hot, average and cold. Look at the map to determine which zone to use.


3 Sound Levels

The numbers represent the indoor and outdoor units’ sound power levels*1. Lower numbers indicate that the air conditioner is running more quietly.


4 Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity (kW) when the indoor unit temperature is 27oC and outdoor temperature is 35oC (T1)*2.


5 Heating Capacity

Heating capacity (kW) when the indoor unit temperature is 20oC and outdoor temperature is 7oC (H1) and 2oC (H2)*2.


6 Star Ratings

The stars indicate how efficient the air conditioner will perform in the three separate climate zones. The more stars, the more energy efficient. Blue stars is cooling. Red stars is heating.


7 Energy Usage

It shows you how much energy the air conditioner uses for cooling/heating per year. The lower the kW/h used, the less expensive it is to run.


*1 Measured under conditions T1 (cooling) of AS/NZS 3823.1.1

*2 The capacity is determined under conditions T1 (cooling), H1 and H2 (heating) of AS/NZS 3823.1.1


How to Use the New Zoned Energy Rating Label to Calculate Running Costs

Step 1
Determine the size of the air conditioner required for your room.

Step 2
To find out what zone you are in, look at the map of Australia on the Zoned Energy Rating Label.

Step 3
Compare air conditioner star ratings in your zone and make a selection based on energy efficiency and energy use.

Step 4
Calculate the annual running costs for your selected air conditioner at

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