Transport & Logistics Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric supports safe, efficient and reliable transport and logistics operations with superior quality, high performance products and solutions for rail, infrastructure, critical power and heavy-duty vehicles.

We manufacture a wide range of electrical equipment and electronics which can be integrated to meet the requirements of transport and logistics owners and operators.

We’re leading the world of mobility with transportation solutions centred on safety, security, comfort and advanced technology. Our industrial automation hardware and software facilitates connected, automated, digital business practices and enables optimal performance and efficiency of operations.

Starter Motors and Alternators

Mitsubishi Electric provides superior quality and highly reliable starter motors and alternators to suit a wide range of 12 Volt and 24 Volt heavy-duty trucks operating in the toughest environments and conditions.

Mitsubishi Electric heavy-duty starter motors are designed, engineered and built to exceed vehicle manufacturers’ expectations. Our heavy-duty alternators are compact, lightweight, efficient and built to deliver superior performance.

Rail Systems

Mitsubishi Electric supplies world leading systems for propulsion, train management and passenger information, for use in public transport applications. We have supplied equipment for transportation applications for over 50 years, including more than 4,000 electric passenger cars, light rail vehicles and locomotives, as well as components for railway substations.

We manufacture a range of advanced technologies to enhance safety and comfort and enable effective power usage in transportation systems, from monitoring, management and control systems to traveller services and information systems. Our local engineering and technical team designs and supplies high quality, integrated and customised:

  • Traction packages
  • Auxiliary power supplies, including battery chargers
  • Train management systems
  • Passenger information systems
  • Communications packages
  • Surveillance systems
  • Remote fleet monitoring systems

Industrial Automation

We invest in leading-edge development and production to optimise and strengthen industrial automation and production processes. With an extensive product line-up, integrated solutions and a global service network, we focus on continually evolving and providing high-performance, quality products that help transport and logistics operators to be more competitive and sustainable.

We provide a full range of automation hardware including programmable controllers, servo and motion controllers, graphical operator terminals, frequency inverters, industrial robots, low/medium voltage switchgear, and energy saving supporting devices.

In addition, we provide a range of digital solutions aimed at enhancing and optimising transport and logistics operations, including a 3D simulator, data science/machine learning tools, and automation and engineering software. These solutions assist in the realisation of improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Adopting UPS is key to protecting IT equipment from power failures. Our range of UPS systems serve as backups for the loss of power supply and provide true online double conversion. The UPS solutions we offer are always on, providing filtered clean power supply to critical IT equipment, protecting systems that are susceptible to power harmonics and voltage fluctuation.

Reliability is at the heart of our UPS design, and system reliability is built on high quality parts and proven system topology design. Our UPS products achieve high efficiency by reducing power loss arising during power conversion using our proprietary insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). These semiconductors achieve industry-leading levels of efficiency.