Aged Care Solutions

The provision of comfortable, safe and sustainable environments for aged care residents is supported by a range of leading products, technologies and systems by Mitsubishi Electric.

We manufacture a suite of solutions that optimise facility performance, ensuring efficiency and cost control of operations for aged care providers and operators. Promoting safe, clean and comfortable living environments for aged care residents is enhanced with our air purifiers, zone controllers, and building management systems, while our energy saving supporting devices enable detailed energy consumption monitoring and promote efficiency improvements across facilities.

Hybrid VRF Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF air conditioning and heating systems provide stable temperatures, reduce noise, and eliminate refrigerant in occupied spaces, making them the perfect solution for hospitals and healthcare environments.

In an industry-first development, our Hybrid VRF uses both water and refrigerant, made possible by our development of a Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) which conducts heat exchange.

The Hybrid VRF system reduces risk in aged care facilities by removing refrigerant from inhabited areas and decreasing the requirement for leak detection systems to be installed.

Comfort is enhanced for residents and staff by improved regulation of air temperature and mild off-coil temperatures due to circulating water in the fan coil network.

Energy efficiency and associated savings are realised with two-pipe heat recovery capability, with heat exchange performed in the HBC.

Air Purifier

Mitsubishi Electric air purifiers help to improve indoor air quality in aged care facilities by reducing common airborne allergens and pollutants.

Our air purifier is designed to efficiently clean large indoor areas quickly.

Take the first step towards a healthier and more comfortable aged care environment for residents and staff with our air purifier. Designed to remove fine particles, allergens, and some gases, it helps reduce potential exposure to common asthma and allergy triggers such as dust, pollen, and pet dander.

Our innovative auto-cleaning and washable pre-filter, high-performance HEPA filter, platinum catalyst filter and activated carbon filter catch up to 99.97%* of ultra-fine particles and harmful gases and use nanotechnology to absorb odorants and freshen living spaces.

Energy Saving Supporting Device

Our energy saving supporting devices can be used to monitor energy use in specific areas of an aged care facility and measure consumption of individual water, energy or gas assets and equipment.

This enables asset managers to identify outlying or excessive consumption which may indicate leaks, faults or other requirements, take action for preventative maintenance, and to avoid equipment failure.

We offer a suite of devices, including energy data collection and measuring units, for monitoring and optimising energy usage in aged care facilities.

Granular data collection enables useful insights to be gained regarding energy use across the facility.

This process supports ongoing effective energy management targeted toward reducing consumption and carbon emissions, obtaining cost savings, and improving performance of facilities in line with occupant usage and requirements.

Building Management System

Our Building Management Systems (BMS) enable detailed visibility of the performance of building services with automated and remote-control capability, facilitating optimised performance in real-time.

Leveraging existing leading technologies, including the Niagara Framework®, we ensure our BMS solutions are interoperable with other systems, easy-to-use and future proofed for upgrade, expansion and refurbishment works.

Our building management solutions support reduced energy consumption and costs by improving the use of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and other building systems.

Improved comfort and safety with real-time monitoring and control ensure temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality levels are maintained at optimal levels for the comfort and safety of residents, staff and equipment.