Building Management Systems (BMS)

A Mitsubishi Electric Building Management System (BMS) enables granular visibility of operating conditions, coupled with automated and remote-control capability, optimising building performance in real-time for owners and facility managers.

Today’s building management requirements have changed. The built environment must be durable, highly efficient, and people-centred. Technological advancements and the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices to make it possible to meet sustainability goals, reduce operating costs, improve occupant experience, boost productivity, and raise building performance and efficiency.

New Facilities

Building management solutions reduce energy consumption and costs by optimising the use of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and other building systems. Improved comfort and safety with real-time monitoring and control ensure temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality levels are maintained at optimal levels for the comfort and safety of people and equipment.

Our BMS integration, operation and maintenance services provide building owners, managers and operators with powerful data insights into energy consumption trends, equipment performance, and employee and tenant behaviour, enabling improved decision making regarding current and future investment in systems.

Upgrades and Replacement

Mitsubishi Electric works together with clients to upgrade, replace and extend Building Management Systems (BMS), unlocking building performance improvements, enabling greater visibility and monitoring functionality, and enhancing responsiveness to facility user requirements.

Ensuring a BMS is fit-for-purpose and delivering value to facility owners and building managers over the long-term is essential. Effectively managing the lifecycle of a BMS includes identifying opportunities where upgrades and replacements to systems, controllers and equipment can result in cost, performance, quality and sustainability benefits, and reduce risk.

There are some unique challenges when upgrading or replacing a BMS in an existing facility. These include the requirement to work around building occupants, ensure minimal or no disruption through the process, gain an understanding of maintenance histories and work within access constraints.

Our specialists understand the unique factors associated with upgrading and replacing BMS systems and hold significant experience in planning and resolving potential challenges. We invest our time and efforts heavily in the planning process to ensure a smooth installation and cutover process.

Servicing and Maintenance

A best-fit service and maintenance regime is essential to the ongoing high performance of a Building Management System (BMS). At Mitsubishi Electric, our BMS specialists work with you to establish a maintenance program that provides value for money and ensures your investment in your building portfolio is protected over the long-term.

With physical infrastructure and equipment, the value of servicing is easy to understand in terms of lifecycle optimisation. Similarly, the benefits of servicing the software and programming elements of a BMS also add significant value, maintaining and enhancing performance and evolving your BMS strategy to deliver iterative benefits. Occupant building usage is dynamic, and requirements for facility conditions can vary significantly over time—servicing and maintenance ensure the ongoing alignment of the BMS strategy with building operational usage and environmental conditions and context.

With new buildings, it takes time for the BMS strategy to be tested following tenant occupancy and the variations of the seasons through a full calendar cycle. This is because space allocation and facility usage may not be fully determined during design and construction, and units have yet to be run or tested thoroughly. An effective servicing and maintenance regime enables BMS finetuning to optimise building performance as these factors are known, adjusted and resolved.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed data, insightful reporting and a comprehensive analytics capability are essential for a modern BMS solution. At Mitsubishi Electric, we implement leading data analysis tools and technology with our building management and energy management systems. We enable real time visibility of facility performance and energy consumption for clients, and support informed decision-making focused on optimising performance and reducing cost.

In recent years, energy usage has become an increasingly important focus for building owners and facility managers. Along with rising energy costs, meeting and exceeding sustainable building standards such as NABERS are critical considerations in the construction and long-term maintenance of a facility. At the same time, there is a focus on ensuring our built environments are more comfortable and actively support occupant well-being. Government regulation with regards to climate change is also having a significant impact on property development and the construction of new buildings.

Designing, installing and maintaining a BMS is only the first step in supporting compliance with required building standards and the achievement of performance ratings. Our team provides data reporting and analytics to enable ongoing optimisation of buildings and facilities, aligned to equipment performance, energy efficiency and sustainability outcomes.