Lossnay Ventilation

Sensible Core Lossnay Heat Exchanger – LGH-50-100RVS-E

The LGH-RVS sensible core heat exchanger provides heat recovery ventilation throughout every room, including kitchens and bathrooms. A plastic core removes both moisture and stale air without transferring odours within the building.

  • Air volume 139-278 l/s
  • Simultaneous air supply and exhaust
  • Sensible core heat exchanger
  • Heat recovery ventilation

Simultaneous air supply and exhaust

Lossnay ventilation system that provides fresh clean air from outside, while removing both moisture and stale indoor air at the same time. Bringing fresh air into a building can help improve air quality by lowering the amount of CO2.

Heat recovery ventilation_v3

Heat recovery ventilation

Modern buildings have a high degree of thermal insulation and require some form of mechanical ventilation. LOSSNAY systems provide a solution in the form of decentralised ventilation and heat recovery by removing stale air and, prior to expulsion, using that air’s residual heat to pre-condition the incoming fresh air. This allows buildings to maximise efficiency whilst maintaining healthy levels of fresh air and keeping CO2 levels low.

Heat is recovered from both outgoing stale air as well as from damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Use with Mr Slim Ducted Systems

Use with Mr Slim Ducted Systems

Lossnay can be integrated with a Mitsubishi Electric home ducted air conditioning system. The ducted system provides heating and cooling while the Lossnay ventilator brings in fresh air into the home while expelling the stale air at the same time.

The heat recovery ventilators to help to reduce the load on the ducted air conditioning system.

CO2 Sensor (Optional)

A CO2 sensor connected directly to a Lossnay RVS unit assists in optimising the fan speed according to the level of CO2 detected. It improves total heat exchange efficiency and contributes to energy saving. Available models: PZ-70CSW-E (wall mounted type) and PZ-70CSB-E (built-in type).

PZ-62DR-E Controller (Optional)

Fan speed automatically changes from 25% to 100% depending on the CO2 concentration when installed with an optional CO2 sensor, which also allows for display of the CO2 levels in ppm. The controller provides access to Energy recovery, bypass, and AUTO modes and functions such as Night-Purge, timers, and operation restrictions.

Bypass Mode

Bypass Mode

A Bypass Mode allows fresh air to be brought into a room from outside without turning on the air conditioner, saving energy and money. For example, if the air outside is cooler than the air inside the building during summer (such as during early morning or at night), “Bypass” ventilation will draw in the cooler outside air and reduce the cooling load on the system.

Easy Drain Piping

Only one drain point for both supply and return air. 360° drain pipe connection. Trap piping is not required as the unit is equipped with back-flow stopping mechanism.

Low Noise Operation and Energy Efficiency

Low Noise Operation and Energy Efficiency

The LGH-RVS Series operates with low noise thanks to a specialised sirocco fan produced by Mitsubishi Electric. The fan balances airflow and static pressure to minimise the noise level. The series also incorporates high-efficiency motors to reduce energy consumption. Thus high-efficiency with low noise are achieved with the LGH-RVS Series.

Noise levels can be further reduced through the addition of optional silencer ducts. See below for more information.

Washable core and filter access

A side service panel allows access to the sensible core and filters. The core is washable in water. Maintenance reminders can be set on the remote controller alerting building users and managers when filters require maintenance.

Filter (Supplied)

Filter cuts pollen and dust for fresh clean air. Replacement part no. PZ-S50RF-E / PZ-S80RF-E / PZ-S100RF-E. (G3 grade Classification :EN779:2012)

Medium Efficiency Exhaust Air Filter (Optional)_v2

Medium Efficiency Exhaust Air Filter (Optional)

The supply filter can be upgraded to the PZ-S50RFM-E / PZ-S80RFM-E / PZ-S100RFM-E. option (M6 grade Classification :EN779:2012).

High Efficiency Supply Air filter (Optional)_v3

High Efficiency Supply Air filter (Optional)

The supply filter can be upgraded to the PZ-S50RFH-E / PZ-S80RFH-E / PZ-S100RFH-E. option, a non-washable high-efficiency filter (F8 grade Classification :EN779:2012)

Silencer Ducts (Optional)

In facilities and applications requiring quiet operations, the silencer duct that reduces noise levels is an ideal solution. It contains glass wool and attenuates sound power by absorbing the noise from the airflow or operation of the unit. Available accessory models: PZ-200SS-E / PZ-250SS-E.

Typical Applications

LOSSNAY systems are particularly popular in schools, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, aged care buildings, offices and other well-insulated commercial buildings, especially where opening windows is not a feasible option and where air conditioning systems are required to operate daily.

Other Features

  • Removes both moisture & stale air
  • Use with Mr Slim ducted systems
  • Designed for commercial spaces
  • Ventilate workspaces
  • Ventilate kitchens and bathrooms
  • Washable core





LGH-RVS Series Lossnay Sensible Core heat exchanger.