Zone Controller

Zone Controller

Zoning is the ability to turn off a section of your ducted air conditioning system when not in use. With today’s smart home technology, you can do this remotely via the Wi-Fi App, Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Mitsubishi Electric Zone Controller expands functionality, delivering conditioned air where you want it in the home/office. With the ability of creating up to 4 or 8 separate zones, why condition air in unoccupied areas?

Averaging sensor

Zone Controller allows having 5 sensors in the system. Control of the unit is based on averaging the sensors of the active zone.

Backlight LCD and large display for high visibility and simple operation

A 4.3” easy to use touch panel with backlight.

Brightness sensor

Built-in brightness sensor operates the unit according to the surrounding brightness level. Day and time settings can be combined with the brightness sensor to automatically turn the air conditioner off when lights are switched off.

Control 4 or 8 zones

The Zone Controller makes it possible to distribute conditioned air to where you need it in your home/office. With the ability of creating up to 4 or 8 separate zones, there is no need to condition air in unoccupied rooms. Unoccupied spaces can be prevented from receiving airflow, reducing power consumption in unnecessary areas.

LED indicator

LED light indicates the operation status in different colours (Red: Heat, Blue: Cool etc.) so you can see at a glance what mode the air conditioning unit is operating on.

A colour band indicates the operating mode or can be configured to other settings. i.e. Off/Temperature/Colour preference.

Occupancy sensor

Built-in occupancy sensor detects a person and operates the unit accordingly. If motion is undetected the air conditioner switches to energy saving mode.

Temperature sensor

Built-in temperature sensor detects the room temperature and displays it on the screen.

Wi-Fi Control__PAR-ZC01M-E

Wi-Fi Control

Compatible with MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Controller. Users with an active Internet connection can control the air conditioner from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer, including changing individual zones for a ducted system.

Other Features

  • Control 4 or 8 zones
  • Backlight LCD and large display for high visibility and simple operation
  • Touch panel LCD for easy usage
  • LED indicator
  • Temperature sensor
  • Occupancy sensor
  • Brightness sensor
  • Averaging sensor control
  • Compatible with MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Controller




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User Manual

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User Manual for PAC-ZC40L-E, PAC-ZC80L-E, PAC-ZC40H-E, PAC-ZC80H-E Zone Controllers.



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