IT Cooling

x-MEXT Direct Expansion Air Conditioner for IT Environments


  • Capacity range: 30 kW - 140 kW
  • Small to Large size IT cooling
  • Full  Inverter Technology
  • Very Compact Footprint
  • Unique Technologies: Proprietary EC fans + MCHX coil
  • Full frontal accessibility

The x-MEXT DX is a highly efficient computer room air conditioner (CRAC), incorporating a wide range of options and configurations, and manufactured to the highest Mitsubishi Electric quality and reliability standards.

The x-MEXT includes BLDC Mitsubishi Electric compressors, microchannel heat exchanger options, and an EC fan on the indoor unit with a recycled plastic impeller specifically designed for the x-MEXT range.



x-MEXT is a reliable, compact and complete package solution ideal for Enterprise Data centres, Colocation Data Centres, UPS Rooms, and Battery Rooms.

Microchannel coil_s-mext

Microchannel coil

An innovative microchannel evaporator coil has been developed through intensive research and development to make the unit even more compact footprint.

Variable speed compressor_s-mext

Variable speed compressor

High quality inverter scroll compressors and centrifugal fans, specially designed for this range, ensure x-MEXT delivers cooling capacity modulation in all load conditions and high EER efficiency.

New Generation Inverter EC Fans

New Generation Inverter EC Fans

High-performing EC fans are made of polymeric ultralight material and help improve airflow modulation at partial loads. The fans deliver significant advantages in terms of reducing noise levels by 4-5 dB(A) compared to traditional* solutions and reducing the absorbed power by 25% compared to traditional* solutions. *Traditional is a non-inverter system/fixed speed compressor (EC fans compared to AC fans).

MEGR & MEDR Units_s-mext


The new range of remote condensers and dry-coolers allows you to choose the most suitable type of Fan, from EC to AC. In addition, remote condensers are available with different coils, either tube and fin or microchannel, and also different treatments.

Air delivery configurations_x-mext

Air delivery configurations

Over air delivery (intake from the bottom) and under air delivery (intake from the top) are suitable for applications with raised floors. Over air delivery (intake from the front) and Frontal air delivery are suitable for rooms with standard floors.

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

The constructive features and the internal layout guarantee faster installation, and the frontal access to the main components makes routine inspections easier.

EVOLUTION+ Advanced Unit Control

EVOLUTION+ Advanced Unit Control

The electronic heart of the unit is the EVOLUTION+ controller. Designed internally to manage all the unit’s variables perfectly, it features evolved characteristics to make the unit totally configurable:
• Automatic reactivation after a black-out
• Serial cards for BMS interfacing
• BLACK BOX for preventive analyses
• Up to 100 events recorded
• Non-volatile ‘flash’ memory for data storage
• Display with easy-to-read graphic icons

New Touch Keyboard_w-mext

New Touch Keyboard

The 7” touchscreen display (optional) with easy-to-read colour graphics ensures the immediate visualisation of the units’ status and provides simple alarms and event management. It has dedicated menus showing the main operating parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

Other Features

  • Perimeter unit with upflow (over) and downflow (under) configurations
  • Full inverter technology with BLDC Mitsubishi Electric compressors and a proprietary fan design
  • Excellent efficiency with load matching control
  • Advanced in-house developed control software
  • Intelligent LAN controls for up to 15 units
  • Interface cards available with many common BEMS protocols
  • Automatic transfer switches and fast restart options
  • Optional low ambient temperature kit for extreme conditions
  • Full function humidifier and heating options
  • Optional dampers, floor stands and discharge plenums


Introduction to the x-MEXT DX is a highly efficient computer room air conditioner (CRAC).



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