IT Cooling

w-MEXT Chilled Water Air Conditioners for IT Cooling


  • Capacity range: 4 kW - 25 kW
  • Small & medium size IT cooling
  • Maintenance-free EC fans
  • Higher cooling capacity in a compact design
  • High-end components
  • Flexible Choice of airflow direction
  • Quick installation & easy maintenance

Mitsubishi Electric presents w-MEXT: the chilled water close control air conditioner designed for small and medium data centres.

High-end components_w-mext

High-end components

▪ EC fans with aluminium impeller, highly efficient and maintenance-free
▪ 2 way, 3 way or EPIV control valves
▪ Finned coil with copper tubes and aluminium fins

High manufacturing quality_w-mext

High manufacturing quality

▪ All set for plug-and-play installation.
▪ Removable frontal panel for easy maintenance

Active redundancy_w-mext

Active redundancy

Equipped with Advance LAN Logic - Group controls effectively share the load among all connected units, leveraging on redundancy to reach higher efficiency.
▪ Up to 15 units connected
▪ Dynamic master

New Generation Inverter EC Fans

New Generation Inverter EC Fans

High-performing EC fans are made of polymeric ultralight material and help improve airflow modulation at partial loads. The fans deliver significant advantages in terms of reducing noise levels by 4-5 dB(A) compared to traditional* solutions and reducing the absorbed power by 25% compared to traditional* solutions. *Traditional is a non-inverter system/fixed speed compressor (EC fans compared to AC fans).

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

The constructive features and the internal layout guarantee faster installation, and the frontal access to the main components makes routine inspections easier.

New Touch Keyboard_w-mext

New Touch Keyboard

The 7” touchscreen display (optional) with easy-to-read colour graphics ensures the immediate visualisation of the units’ status and provides simple alarms and event management. It has dedicated menus showing the main operating parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

Flexibile air delivery versions_w-mext

Flexibile air delivery versions

w-MEXT with downflow air delivery are suitable for applications with raised floor.

w-MEXT with upflow air delivery are suitable for rooms with standard floors.

w-MEXT with frontal air delivery (displacement version) are suitable for server racks with vented front and rear doors. Air suction is from the top of the unit and air delivery is horizontal into the cold aisle for cooling the racks. The hot air is expelled from the racks at the top or from the back.

w-MEXT with Dual Fluid (available in upflow and downflow air delivery) allow the connection to two independent chilled water loops. The control automatically manages the use of the two cooling coils.

EVOLUTION+ Advanced Unit Control

EVOLUTION+ Advanced Unit Control

The electronic heart of the unit is the EVOLUTION+ controller. Designed internally to manage all the unit’s variables perfectly, it features evolved characteristics to make the unit totally configurable:
• Automatic reactivation after a black-out
• Serial cards for BMS interfacing
• BLACK BOX for preventive analyses
• Up to 100 events recorded
• Non-volatile ‘flash’ memory for data storage
• Display with easy-to-read graphic icons


The chilled water close control air conditioner designed for small and medium data centers.




w-MEXT Chilled Water Air Conditioners for IT Cooling.


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