IT Cooling

s-MEXT IT Cooling


  • Capacity range: 8 kW - 19 kW
  • Small & medium size IT cooling
  • Full inverter air conditioning
  • High capacity into a compact footprint
  • R32 or R410A refrigerant options
  • Manage return air temperatures up to 35°C

Building on the strong legacy of IT Cooling, Mitsubishi Electric presents s-MEXT: The new split cooling system joins together the best experience and technology with the highest quality and reliability standards of Mitsubishi Electric.

This innovative cooling package has been engineered with the best kW/m2 ratio and gets your data centre ready for the future.

High Capacity into a compact footprint

The indoor s-MEXT air conditioner matches the highest efficiency levels with the industry’s most compact footprint, thanks to the split design. [Findings based on market research conducted by Mitsubishi Electric Australia (March 2022)]
Its small size design means it can easily integrate into small IT rooms or existing environments without sacrificing any kW per square metre.

Pinpoint accurate temperature and relative humidity control

s-MEXT controls temperature and relative humidity with pinpoint accuracy, even in the case of very strong thermal variations. The system has been engineered to deliver top-class efficiency values, the indoor unit features premium quality components: EC plug fans, evaporating coil with hydrophilic treatment, electrical panel, and PID microprocessor control system.

Manage return air temperatures up to 35°C

Increased power densities in IT environments have led to growing temperatures (up to 23°C) of intake airflows directed to the IT equipment (ASHRAE ‘Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments’).
The s-MEXT and Mr Slim cooling package has been designed to manage return air temperatures up to 35°C, matching the requirements of the most critical data centres (up to 52°C outdoor air temperature).

High-efficiency targets

Air conditioning and cooling systems account for about 40% of total electricity usage in data centres. An efficient cooling strategy may assist your company in improving energy efficiency, which could result in significant cost savings.

Both the s-MEXT and Mr Slim units feature best-in-class components to reduce power consumption and advanced logic to control the whole cooling system efficiently.

Two types of air supply

Under Bottom Air Supply & Top Air Return installation option is suitable for rooms with raised floors. Over Top Air Supply & Frontal Air Return installation option ‘over’ is suitable for rooms with standard floors.

R32 or R410A refrigerant options

s-MEXT close controls air conditioner is available in two types of refrigerant options: R32 and R410A. R32 enables increased energy efficiency compared to R410A, with just one-third of the global warming potential of R410A.

New Generation Inverter EC Fans

High-performing EC fans are made of polymeric ultralight material and help improve airflow modulation at partial loads. The fans deliver significant advantages in terms of: Reduction of noise levels by 4-5 dB(A) compared to traditional* solutions and reduction of the absorbed power by 25% compared to traditional* solutions. *Traditional is a non-inverter system/fixed speed compressor (EC fans compared to AC fans).

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

The constructive features and the internal layout guarantee faster installation, and the frontal access to the main components makes routine inspections easier.

EVOLUTION+ Advanced Unit Control

The electronic heart of the unit is the EVOLUTION+ controller. Designed internally to manage all the unit’s variables perfectly, it features evolved characteristics to make the unit totally configurable:
• Automatic reactivation after a black-out
• Serial cards for BMS interfacing
• BLACK BOX for preventive analyses
• Up to 100 events recorded
• Non-volatile ‘flash’ memory for data storage
• Display with easy-to-read graphic icons





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