Vertical Industrial Robot



  • Easy movement control teaching
  • Easy visual programming with RT VisualBox software
  • Wide range of grippers, fingers and vision options
  • 5 kg load capacity
  • Six-axis movement
  • International safety and robotic standards

Mitsubishi Electric MELFA ASSISTA Cobot with advanced safety technology, can share a workplace with humans without the need for guards or safety fences.

The setup of the robot is easy even without specialised knowledge of robots. Typical applications include assembly tasks, packing operations, precise holding or repetitive pick and place. Simpler, easier and more flexible, this robot will change your perception of what a “robot” is.

Easy Control

Movements can be taught via the dedicated operating buttons on the robot arm and the teaching pendant for programming. Users can move the arm to the desired position by hand and then the position is added to the motion sequence without opening programming tools. The six-colour LED indicator on the arm displays the status of the robot.

Easy Programming

No robot programming expertise is required. The Cobot features Windows-based programming software called RT VisualBox ‘Visual Programming’. The software allows non-expert users to drag and drop icons to define the movements of the arm and simulate operations in 3D before the robot actually performs them.

Easy Connectivity

ASSISTA offers a wide variety of components such as grippers, fingers, vision and other peripherals developed by a group of organisations known as MELFA Robot Partners. These tools can easily be set up for your application. ASSISTA Cobot can also be configured to move freely as part of an AGV/AMR or as a mobile robot.

Multiple grippers or multifunction grippers capable

For using multiple grippers or multifunction grippers. Capable of handling work such as transporting high load mechanical parts, assembling electrical components and packaging pharmaceutical products.

Other Features

  • RT VisualBox software
  • LED light status
  • Move easily with operating buttons
  • Automatic calibration
  • Visual programming on a tablet
  • Compact and powerful
Standard Specifications of RV-5AS-D Robot
Item Unit Specifications
Environment IP54 (optional food-grade H1 grease in all gears and joints)
Degree of Freedom 6
Installation Posture Floor mounted/ceiling mou6nted
Structure Vertical, multiple-joint type
Operating Range Waist (J1) Degree ±240
Shoulder (J2) ±148
Elbow (J3) ±150
Wrist Twist (J4) ±200
Wrist Pitch (J5) ±120
Wrist Roll (J6) ±200
Speed of Motion*1 Waist (J1) Degree/s 124 (59.6)
Shoulder (J2) 124 (34.0)
Elbow (J3) 124 (34.0)
Wrist Twist (J4) 297 (142)
Wrist Pitch (J5) 356 (215)
Wrist Roll (J6) 360
Maximum Reach Radius mm 910
Maximum Resultant Velocity*2 High-Speed Operation Mode mm/sec 1000
Collaborative Operation Mode (Standard Operation) 250
Collaborative Operation Mode (Low-Speed Operation) 50
Load Rating kg 5
Maximum*3 5.5
Pose Repeatability mm ±0.03
Ambient Temperature*4 °C 0 – 40
Mass kg 32
Wiring Hand I/O Mechanical interface: 2 inputs/4 ouputs
Forearm: 6 inputs/0 outputs
Base: 0 inputs/4 outputs
Force Sensor Cable/Spare Cable 5-conductor (24 V/0.7 A) One of the conductors should be used for the frame ground (FG)
LAN Cable Cat-5e supported
Plumbing Primary Hoses ø6 x 2
Secondary Hoses ø4 x 4 from the base of the robot to the elbow
Supply Pressure MPa 0.54

*1 Values in parentheses indicate the maximum speed when the input voltage is single-phase 100 to 120 VAC.
*2 These values represent the maximum overall speed of all axes combined. The safety functions limit the robot to the speeds shown in the table. For accurate collision force data when the robot is in collaborative operation mode, measure collision forces under actual operating conditions.
*3 Allowable load when the mechanical interface faces downward at an inclination within ±10o to the vertical direction.
*4 Sets the robot’s operating environmental temperature as parameter OLTMX. The initial value is 30 (°C). Corresponding to the environment, the continous control action performance and the overload-protection function are optimised.




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