SCARA Robots

RH-FR Series


  • Slim arms for compact cell work
  • 6 joints for a broader range of movement
  • Multiple grippers or multifunction grippers capable
  • Designed for difficult environmental conditions
  • Compatible with vision systems
  • High-speed operation

Armed for productivity! Mitsubishi Electric MELFA SCARA industrial robot for cell manufacturing with high speed and high precision performance, combining intelligent technology and MELFA Smart Plus.


Easy connectivity with Mitsubishi Electric PLCs and FA equipment for a wide range of applications, including assembly of small parts, heavy load handling and packaging. Perfect for variable product and production.

Slim arms for compact cell work

With a wealth of operating areas and variations, it is the perfect fit for a variety of applications. Slim arm design is ideal for compact cell construction, from transportation of small components that demands high speed operation through to assembly work where excellent precision is required.

Enhanced Wrist Axis

Highly rigid arms and cutting-edge servo controls. The wrist axis has been designed so that the robot has ample scope for handling multi-function grippers and offset grippers, making it ideal for assembly and palletising work.

Ceiling Mounting

Space-saving suspended installation, suitable for a wide range of applications. From precision assembly of electrical, electronic and other small components through to inspections, high-speed transportation and packaging.

Compatible with vision systems

Enhanced cooperation with vision sensors and more advanced force sensors allows more advanced tasks to be accomplished at higher speeds and with greater precision. Through the use of highly accurate vision sensors and force sensors that control the levels of force applied by robots, it is now possible to automate extremely difficult tasks that have been beyond the scope of automation in the past.

Other Features

  • Seamless connection and integration
  • Intelligence
  • Safety features
  • High-speed operation
  • Compact and powerful
  • High reliability
  • Designed for flexible automation
RH-3FRH (35/45/55) RH-6FRH (35/45/55) RH-12FRH (55/70/85) RH-20FRH (85/100) RH-3FRHR
Maximum load capacity 3kg 6kg 12kg 20kg 3kg
Maximum reach radius options 350mm 350mm 350mm
450mm 450mm
550mm 550mm 550mm
850mm 850mm
Z stroke 150mm*1 150mm*2
350mm 350mm
450mm 450mm




SCARA Robots RH-FR Series flyer