HVRF Indoor Units



  • Capacity Range: 1.2 – 4.5 kW
  • Compact and light-weight design – only 245 mm high
  • Horizontal airflow
  • 3D i-See Sensor
  • Optional flow control valve (external)

The 4-way compact ceiling cassette fits perfectly into 600 x 600 grid ceiling system and provides 4-way airflows despite its size.

Beautiful square design

Beautiful square design

The straight, square design fits into 600 mm x 600 mm ceiling construction specifications. This also matches the straight-line lighting system in the grid, thereby creating a beautiful space.

Slimline design – only 245 mm high

Slimline design – only 245 mm high

The 245 mm high slim body design and enables installation into restricted ceiling spaces.

Compact and light-weight design_plfy-wl

Compact and light-weight design

The 245 mm high unit enables installation in restricted ceiling spaces. The panel weighs 3 kg, while the unit’s body weighs 13 kg (WL10, and WL15 models) or 14 kg (WL20, WL25, and WL32 models). These weights are 6 or 7 kg lighter than the PLFY-WL-VEM-E model, allowing easy suspension.

Horizontal airflow_plfy

Horizontal airflow

The improved vane design enables horizontal airflow to help reduce cold draft for optimum comfort.

3D i-See Sensor_plfy

3D i-See Sensor

The optional 3D i-See Sensor accurately detects not only the human body temperature but also the location and number of people in the room. It uses an algorithm to reduce power consumption while maintaining the comfort condition in accordance with the location and number of occupants in the room. Direct and indirect airflow settings are also available to further enhance air distribution in the room.

Optional flow control valve (external)

Optional flow control valve (external)

For projects that require a charge calculation function for individual billing, an external flow control valve can be added to the indoor unit. This enables the AE-200E central controller to estimate the power apportioning function more accurately using the capacity save method.