HVRF Indoor Units



  • Capacity Range: 4.5 – 14 kW
  • Flexible duct design
  • Drain pump (option)
  • DC fan motor
  • Four external static pressure settings
  • Three fan speeds settings
  • Optional flow control valve (external)

A wide range of external static pressure allows for flexible ducted air conditioning to suit most interior layouts.

Flexible duct design_pefy

Flexible duct design

High external static pressure enables long ductwork and more freedom in design. It ensures that the conditioned air is supplied to all parts of the room without compromising the required flow rates.

Drain pump (option)_pefy-wl

Drain pump (option)

The introduction of an upper drain pump allows the drain connection to be raised as high as 550 mm for WL40-125VMHS models/700 mm for WL200-250VMHS models, allowing more freedom in piping layout design and reducing horizontal piping requirements.

DC fan motor_pefy

DC fan motor

The new DC fan motor helps reduce power consumption by 59%*. The motor's weight also contributes to the reduction in the overall weight, making it easier to transport and install.

Four external static pressure settings

Four external static pressure settings

The high static pressure ceiling concealed model offers four external static pressure settings, which provides flexibility for duct design and air outlet configuration.

Three fan speeds settings

Three fan speeds settings

The three fan speed settings, combined with a wider selection of external static pressure levels, offer optimal operation settings to suit the air conditioning and ductwork design in a wide range of applications.

Optional flow control valve (external)

Optional flow control valve (external)

For projects that require a charge calculation function for individual billing, an external flow control valve can be added to the indoor unit. This enables the AE-200E central controller to estimate the power apportioning function more accurately using the capacity save method.