HVRF Indoor Units



  • Capacity Range: 1.2 – 5.6 kW
  • Compact design with 200 mm height
  • Low noise design
  • External Static Pressure 5-50 Pa
  • Built-in drain pump option
  • Built-in flow control valve

A slimline design with a height of 200 mm features a maximum external static pressure of 50 Pa, allowing installation into a narrow ceiling space or bulkhead. The lineup consists of up to 5.6 kW unit with the same height.

Indoor units are as quiet as 22-30 dB (A) at low speed, so they’re ideal for offices, hotel rooms, bedrooms, and other areas where quietness is required.

Compact design_PEFY

Compact design

A thin body design with a height of no more than 200 mm (all capacity models) enables installation in a ceiling or bulkhead with a small cavity space.

Low noise design_pefy

Low noise design

Thanks to the centrifugal fan and coil design, the unit operates at a low noise, as low as 22dB (PEFY-WP15VMS-A at low fan speed). It is best suited to a place where quietness is required.

External static pressure

External static pressure

External static pressure can be selected from 5, 15, 35 and maximum of 50 Pa to suit the ductwork layout. The units are set to 15 Pa at the time of factory shipment.

Factory fitted or optional drain pump_pefy-wp

Factory fitted or optional drain pump

For PEFY-WP VMS1-E model, a drain pump is a standard feature that eliminates the need for a drain trap. This achieves a maximum lifting height of 550 mm. The PEFY-W VMS-A model does have built-in drain pump and it is sold separately.

Built-in flow control valve

Built-in flow control valve

With built-in flow control valve, charge calculation function (with capacity save method) can be performed by AE-200E central controller for individual billing.