HVRF Indoor Units



  • Capacity Range: 2.2 – 14 kW
  • Compact design
  • External static pressure up to 150 Pa
  • Re-configurable return air inlet
  • Built-in drain pump option
  • Built-in flow control valve

A maximum external static pressure of 150 Pa and the slim 250mm height body provide design flexibility for narrow ceiling spaces. The line-up consists of up to 14 kW with the same height.

Compact design_VMA(L)

Compact design

A compact design with a height of 250 mm (all capacity models) enables the installation in a tight ceiling space.

External static pressure_VMA(L)

External static pressure

Five external static pressure settings provide flexibility for duct design and air outlet configuration. On all capacity models, settings range to a maximum of 150 Pa.

Re-configurable return air inlet _VMA(L)

Re-configurable return air inlet

Where a bottom air inlet is required, the unit can be re-configured by switching the panel and air filter locations. This allows for installation in a tight space. (The unit is shipped with a rear inlet configuration.) *Please note and take into design consideration that units with a bottom air inlet have higher noise levels than those with a rear inlet.

Built-in drain pump option

Built-in drain pump option

The lineup consists of two variants: models with built-in drain pump and the ones without built-in drain pump. This allows more freedom in piping layout design. *Units with an "L" at the end of the model name are without a built-in drain pump.

Built-in flow control valve

Built-in flow control valve

With built-in flow control valve, charge calculation function (with capacity save method) can be performed by AE-200E central controller for individual billing.