Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning

PCA-M HA2 Series


  • Capacity: 7.1 kW
  • Durable stainless steel casing
  • Replaceable high-performance oil mist filter (PAC-SG38KF-E)
  • Optional fresh outside air intake
  • Optional 7 Day wired controller
  • Simplified installation

The PCA-M71HA2 stainless steel ceiling suspended system is an ideal air conditioning solution for commercial kitchens. It is equipped with oil mist filters and durable stainless steel casing to ensure easy and low maintenance.

High-performance oil mist filter

High-performance oil mist filter

The unit comes with a high performance heavy duty oil mist filter. The filtration system is 1.5 times more efficient than conventional filters, effectively reducing the greasy smoke that enters the unit. The oil filter is disposable to further simplify trouble-free cleaning and maintenance.

Easy maintenance_pca-ha2

Easy maintenance

A durable stainless steel casing that is resistant to oil and grease is provided to protect the surface of the body. Grease and stains can easily be wiped clean to keep the unit clean at all times. A separate fan casing can be disassembled to allow for easy cleaning. The drain pan can also be easily removed for on-site cleaning.

Optional fresh air intake_pca-ha2

Optional fresh air intake

Two 200 mm diameter spigots (optional duct flange Part no. PAC-SF28OF-E) can be installed at the back of the unit to supply outside air into the kitchen to improve ventilation and comfort.

Optional PAR-41MAA Wall mounted controller

Optional PAR-41MAA Wall mounted controller

This attractive full dot liquid crystal display incorporates a large backlit screen and simple menus for easy operation. You can set up to 8 temperature and airflow patterns per day for seven days. Perfect for the busy home and office or retail store.

Optional PAR-CT01MAA MA Touch Remote Controller

Optional PAR-CT01MAA MA Touch Remote Controller

The full colour optional touch controller PAR-CT01MAA enables the control of both residential and commercial air conditioning applications. It has a customisable 3.5 inch colour LCD touch panel that makes it easy to use. Available in white or premium black finishes, suitable for any décor.

R32 refrigerant

R32 refrigerant

R32 enables increased energy efficiency compared to R410A, with just one third of the global warming potential, the risk of environmental harm is greatly reduced.

Other Features

  • Drain piping can be fitted to left or right side of unit
  • Optional drain lift-up mechanism available




Optional covers are available to prevent the collection of dust and grime on the main body and hanging fixture sections. (Part No. PAC-SF81KC-E)

PAC-SF81KC-E cosmetic covers for PCA-M-HA2

The unit’s rear panel has a knock-out opening where two 200 mm diameter spigots (optional duct flange Part no. PAC-SF28OF-E) can be installed to bring fresh air into the unit. This helps improve ventilation and make the kitchen comfortable.

PAC-SF28OF-E optional duct flange

When used in kitchens, the oil mist filter should be replaced once every two months. The system comes with 12 filter elements. After these have been used, optional elements (PAC-SG38KF-E) can be purchased.

PAC-SG38KF-E Oil mist filter element

The filter cleaning notification icon (which looks like a grid pattern), will appear on the main display when it is time to clean the filters. Wash, clean, or replace the filters when this sign appears. Refer to the indoor unit Instructions Manual for details.

If two or more indoor units are connected, filter cleaning timing for each unit may be different, depending on the filter type. The notification icon will appear when the filter on the main unit is due for cleaning.

When the filter sign is reset, the cumulative operation time of all units will be reset.

The notification icon is scheduled to appear after a certain duration of operation, based on the premise that the indoor units are installed in a space with ordinary air quality. Depending on the air quality, the filter may require more frequent cleaning.

The cumulative time at which the filter needs cleaning depends on the model.