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GK-35 Series High Volume Air Curtain


Mitsubishi Electric air curtains are the perfect way to provide your premises with a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment while saving energy with a quiet, efficient and powerful operation.

The air curtain not only insulates temperature efficiently (i.e. preventing loss of cool air during cooling and heat loss during heating) it can protect your premises from unpleasant elements found in the external environment.

Adjustable Airflow Angle

The airflow angle can be altered both internally and externally by adjusting the installation angle of the main unit.

Flexible Installation

The unit can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the available space.

Rectification plate

The rectification plate creates a high-speed current in a single direction, by transferring airflow from the propeller fans without reduction of volume or velocity.


Powerful airflow lock out. Keeps out dust, insects, and noxious odours. Helping maintain a pleasant environment.

* In an insect shut out test, a 40 w mercury lamp was placed inside an Air Curtain ejected from a 4 cm wide vent at a velocity of 8 m/sec. The insect shut out rate was 70-80%.

Sustains Temperature

An air curtain can help retain conditions inside a cold storage facility. In a cold-storage facility without an Air Curtain, temperatures near the door can increase by 4-10 ºC in as little as two minutes for every time the door is opened. If an Air Curtain is used, this time is extended to about 10 minutes, or approximately five times as long. Tests show that when an Air Curtain was used, lesser energy was required to reduce the inside temperature to -5ºC.

Zoning in open spaces

The air curtain can invisibly shut out areas that do not require air conditioning. For example, there is no need to air condition the lane side of a bowling alley, so the air curtain acts as an air conditioning zoning device.

Other Features

  • Air volume 650 to 867 l/s
  • 900 & 1180 mm width models
  • Front inlet
  • Prevent heating/cooling loss
  • Quiet Propeller Design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexible installation
  • Shut-out dust & insects
Model GK-3509SA-AUS GK-3512SA-AUS
Fan Speed High Low High Low
Air Volume l/s 600-650 497-564 800-867 663-752
Air Volume m3 /h 2160-2340 1790-2030 2880-3120 2380-2700
Running Current A 1.1-1.1 1.1-1.1 1.5-1.5 1.5-1.5
Input Power 250-265 250-270 335-355 335-360
Air Velocity Max. m/sec 16.0-17.5 12.0-14.0 16.0-17.5 12.0-14.0
Noise dB 66.0-68.5 63.0-66.0 67.5-70.0 64.5-67.5
Power supply Single-phase, 50Hz 220-240V Single-phase, 50Hz 220-240V
Starting Current A 2.1 1.9 2.8 2.6
Width mm 900 1180
Weight kg 20 25



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User Manual for GK-3506SA air curtain.


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