City Multi Hybrid VRF

Hydro Branch Controller


The Hybrid VRF is part of the CITY MULTI product range, which consists of VRF air conditioning units that use refrigerant between the outdoor unit and the Hydro Branch Controller (HBC), and water between the Branch Controller and the indoor units, designed for medium to large scale applications.

Unique technology

Hybrid CITY MULTI exchanges heat between refrigerant and water using our unique HBC, which can reduce the amount of refrigerant in the outdoor unit and keep the piping in the indoor space refrigerant-free.

AS/NZS 5149 compliant

The Hybrid VRF is compliant with AS/NZS 5149, as no refrigerant is used in inhabited spaces, thus eliminating the need for leak detection systems in occupied spaces.

Phased installation

It is simple to install and can be installed in stages, allowing for phased and scalable installations.

Better air temperature regulation

Circulating water in the fan coil network allows better air temperature regulation, ensuring a comfortable user experience.

Plate Heat Exchanger

HBC has two plate heat exchangers inside. These components transfer the energy from the refrigerant circuit to the closed water loop to the indoor units. These plate heat exchangers can operate interdependently in heating or cooling as required for simultaneous operation.

Valve Block

The valve block has two features. Firstly, it chooses between the two flow headers (selecting heating or cooling). Secondly, it controls the water flow to the indoor units for the required capacity.



Each of the plate heat exchangers has a water pump. These pumps circulate the water in the closed water loop system to the indoor units. The Valve Block controls the flow rate from the pumps.

Other Features

  • Indoor unit Capacity range: 1.2 to 14 kW
  • Unique technology
  • AS/NZS 5149 compliant
  • Phased installation
  • Better air temperature regulation
  • Plate Heat Exchanger



Devonport Waterfront Hotel

Devonport Waterfront Hotel turns to Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Hybrid VRF for simultaneous heating and cooling. Hybrid VRF eliminates the risks of refrigerant leaks in occupied spaces.



City Multi Hybrid VRF

Explore the CITY MULTI Hybrid VRF range.


Case Study, Medical

Campsie Medical & Dental Centre

Hybrid VRF eliminates need for refrigerant leak detection and alarms and provides comfortable experience for staff and patients.


Aged Care, Case Study, City Multi Hybrid VRF


HYBRID CITY MULTI solution allowed for staged installation and compliance with refrigerant concentration regulations in AS/NZS 5149 without requiring a refrigerant leak detection system.


Case Study, City Multi Hybrid VRF

Laverton Fire Station

HYBRID CITY MULTI selected for a Metropolitan Fire Brigade station in Melbourne’s west eliminates need for refrigerant leak detection equipment.