Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Heat Pump


  • Low GWP R454C refrigerant (GWP 148)
  • Hot water up to 70°C
  • 40 kW Rated Heating Capacity
  • Extended ambient operating temperature from -25°C to 43°C
  • Domestic hot water heating
  • Hydronic space heating
  • Underfloor heating

The CAHV-R450YA-HPB air source hot water heat pump system uses low GWP R454C refrigerant for a low carbon solution in domestic hot water and hydronic heating systems.

The CAHV-R450YA-HPB heat pump can provide hot water from 24°C to 70°C year-round without the need for a booster heater, making it an ideal solution for a boiler replacement as a source of heating for domestic hot water and hydronic heating system in commercial and residential projects.

Each CAHV-R450YA-HPB heat pump can provide up to 40 kW of heating, and up to 16 units can be grouped together to provide a total capacity of up to 640 kW with built-in cascading and rotation functions.  This provides flexibility in design application to suit a wide range of commercial projects.

Domestic hot water applications

Domestic hot water applications

The 40 kW hot water heat pump can produce water temperatures up to 70°C which is suitable for domestic hot water applications such as gyms, hotels, apartments, commercial kitchens and laundries, office buildings, and the food processing industry.

Hydronic heating applications

Hydronic heating applications

The wide heating hot water temperature range is from 24°C to 70°C, making it an ideal source of heating for hydronic heating systems such as underfloor heating, radiator panels, and the like.

Hot water alternative to gas_CAHV

Hot water alternative to gas

Mitsubishi Electric CAHV-R450YA-HPB hot water heat pump is designed to provide an alternative solution to traditional gas-fired hot water systems. The heat pump uses electricity to extract heat from the air and transfer it to the water, making it an efficient solution.

By using electricity to generate hot water, you can reduce your dependence on natural gas, a non-renewable resource, and reduce carbon footprint with lower GWP refrigerant.

Cascade and Rotation Function

Cascade and Rotation Function

Control multiple units from one controller with built-in cascade and rotation functions. This will ensure the heat pumps operate at their optimum efficiency as necessary to match the heating requirement with the new inverter compressor design. The auto-rotation function will rotate the operation of the units such that the unit with the most cumulative operating hours will stop first, and the one with the fewest hours will operate first. This will help ensure equal usage of all the units in the system and optimise the product's life cycle.

Operable even at low outdoor temperature of -25°C _CAHV

Operable even at low outdoor temperature of -25°C

The CAHV-R450YA-HPB hot water heat pump guaranteed outdoor temperature range has been extended to between -25°C and 43°C, compared to the previous model. It delivers all-year heating even on the coldest days of the year. The new inverter compressor design along with a Flash Injection Circuit helps the heat pump produce high temperature hot water even at low ambient temperatures.

M-NET ready connection for centralised control

M-NET ready connection for centralised control

The M-Net connection on the CAHV-R450YA-HPB provides connectivity to the AE-200E centralised controller, as well as other Mitsubishi Electric equipment such as City Multi VRF, Mr Slim, e-Series chillers, and others.

PAR-W31MAA remote controller

PAR-W31MAA remote controller

The PAR-W31MAA wired remote controller provides control when connected to CAHV-R450YA-HPB. This easy to see backlit LCD controller provides basic features, including ON/OFF, mode changes, water temperature setting, and a weekly schedule. Other advanced features, such as a power save function and fault code monitoring, are also available for easy maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.

Other Features

  • Ease of installation and low maintenance
  • Optimised cascading and rotation functions



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