Air Cooled Heat Pumps

Air Cooled Heat Recovery


City Multi YNW range is available in capacities from 22-124 kW and offers some of the highest levels of efficiency coupled with smaller footprints, reduced noise levels and increased design options.

City Multi YNW provides our lowest installation costs, running costs and CO2 emissions of a VRF system. This is achieved through the new 4-sided heat exchanger, compressor and fan design, improving both nominal and seasonal efficiency levels.

The new high efficiency models retain the unique flat tube aluminium micro-channel heat exchanger which is a pivotal step change in providing more effective and efficient heat transfer.

Heat recovery system

Mitsubishi Electric introduced the World’s first 2-pipe heat recovery system, reducing piping and connections compared with 3-pipe systems.

Maximise available plant space

The new City Multi YNW system maximises the space available for plant by reducing the area required for outdoor units thanks to the advanced wrap around heat exchanger

Static fan pressure modifiable up to 80 Pa

Static fan pressure modifiable up to 80 Pa

The static pressure of the outdoor unit fan can be set between 0-30-60 and 80 Pa allowing the unit to be installed even in positions that require a ducting of the air expelled from the fan. There is no drop in capacity when 80 Pa External Static Pressure option is enabled.

Maximum height difference increased up to 90 metres

Maximum height difference increased up to 90 metres

Depending on the equipment selection and installation conditions some outdoor units can operate with vertical height difference of up to 90 metres between the outdoor unit and indoor units without requiring any optional kits. This allows for further simplicity and flexibility when designing for taller buildings.

How does the R2 / WR2 heat recovery system work with the two pipes?

The secret of the VRF CITY MULTI heat recovery system lies in the BC controller. The BC controller contains a liquid / gas separator that allows the outdoor unit to produce a mixture (in two phases) of hot gas for heating and of liquid for cooling through the same pipe. Systems with three pipes use a pipe for each of these phases. When it reaches the BC controller, the mixture is separated, and the correct phase is sent to each indoor unit according to individual heating or cooling needs.

Increased efficiency

New components have been added to improve energy-saving performance. Compared to the previous models, all the single modules in YNW Series have an improved EER. EER of the 40 kW model (PURY-EP350YNW-A) is higher by approximately 20%.

Reduced footprint

Single modules of up to 56kW have been added to the R2-Series. Single modules are smaller, with L modules replacing the EP400 and P450 modules, reducing installation space by approximately 29%.

Extended operating range in cooling up to 52°C

Extended operating range in cooling up to 52°C

The outdoor unit can now continue operating and deliver cooling at ambient temperature of up to 52°C without any interruptions allowing installation in areas where discharge air may be prone to stagnation.

Other Features

  • Capacity range: 22 to 124 kW
  • Reduced condenser footprint
  • External static pressure up to 80 Pa
  • Maximum height difference up to 90 m
  • Advanced “Low Noise” function
  • Extended operating range in cooling up to 52°C



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