Mitsubishi Electric Australia and Australian Department of Defence Agree Joint Development of Laser Technology to Enhance Surveillance and Survivability of Defense Platforms

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SYDNEY, Australia, 20 October 2023: Mitsubishi Electric Australia Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, has signed an agreement for a joint development project with the Australian Department of Defence.

This is a joint development project to develop and transition a new capability, based on cutting-edge laser technology developed by Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group. The project will utilise Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s electronic and optical system technology (laser technology) to enhance surveillance and survivability of Australian Defence Force platforms.

This recent agreement signed between the Japanese defence industry and the Australian Department of Defence for a joint development project is a symbolic example of defence equipment and technology cooperation between Japan and Australia, and contributes to further deepening cooperation.

This is the first case in which a Japanese company signed an agreement with a foreign government for joint development in the defence field, and is a new step for Japan, which has been promoting the equipment transfer through public-private collaboration.

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