Read this before buying your next fridge – Top 5 insider tips

Top 5 insider tips to keep in mind when choosing your new fridge.
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There are many factors to consider when buying a new fridge, and we all have different needs when it comes to our lifestyles. So, to make the decision-making process easier we have the top five insider tips to keep in mind, no matter what your kitchen requirements, you’ll be armed with the right information and make a purchase that you’ll reap the benefits of for years to come.

  1. Know what design will suit your needs best

The very first thing to do is measure the space you have available. Once you’ve put away the measuring tape, the look and style of the fridge is going to be the next thing you’ll need to decide before you begin your fridge hunt.

We’ve earmarked three popular styles that you will likely come across when browsing:

  • Innovative design has moved forward since the standard Top Mount Fridge/ Freezers ruled in popularity however if you aren’t after a model with all the bells and whistles you may find this classic type to be one of the best budget-friendly options.
  • Bottom Mount units are designed with the most used compartment on the top and the freezer at the bottom. Models with a width of 600mm are ideal for apartments and smaller city-living kitchens.
  • Arguably the most stylish model, French Door Fridges combine the drawer-style freezer at the bottom of the unit with low-clearance doors at the top to give you the best of both worlds. French doors in toughened glass will give your entire kitchen a truly contemporary aesthetic. A feature like Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology in the Mitsubishi Electric WX Series takes up less cooling space and will help you maximise your food storage.


  1. What about energy efficiency?

Since the 90s, old white clunkers have gradually fallen out of favour, with our attention now focused on the efficiency of our appliances as much as look and design. The newest fridge models from Mitsubishi Electric are designed specifically for Australians and have an energy rating of up to 4.0 stars, depending on the model.

The Energy Star system is the simple choice for saving energy with more stars meaning better efficiency according to an Australian Government requirement, full details can be found at the Energy Rating website.


  1. What features should I look for?

The Mitsubishi Electric design philosophy ‘Form Follows Function’, has resulted in a range of feature-driven refrigerators that are specifically designed to keep food fresh, just as nature intended. If you’re big on cooking in bulk, ‘Soft Freezing’ might be something you’d like to consider which keeps frozen food in a ‘soft’ state for up to three weeks meaning it can be easily cut without thawing. ‘Hot Freezing’ is another great feature that lets you pop hot food directly into the freezer preserving the quality and freshness of the food.

You want ice? You got it! A non-plumbed automatic ice maker will give you volumes of ice without the associated costs of plumbing. Perfect if you are renting.


  1. Take care of your food and you’ll waste less

Despite household budget concerns, Australians are wasting one in five bags of groceries* per person, per year. With this in mind, your safest bet is to look for features that take good care of the food you and your family eat the most to minimise waste. If you’re a devoted foodie who always has lots of fruit and vegetables look for a feature like a ‘Humidity Drawer’ by Mitsubishi Electric. The drawer’s technology provides ideal surroundings for produce keeping it crisper and fresher for longer by using a unique VitaLED lighting system designed to slow down the wilting process of green leafy vegetables.



  1. Need a shortlist of refrigerator models to suit your space?

Mitsubishi Electric created the ‘Fridge Finder’ app to help you come up with a shortlist of refrigerator models that will fit within your fridge cavity space. Just specify the width and height of your space and the app will give you a list of models from the Mitsubishi Electric refrigerator range that will fit in your space. You can even take a photo of your kitchen and see how different models will look. Should you go black? Black Stainless? Glass or steel? Download the app from the App Store to see how it might look in your kitchen.



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