Is ducted aircon a good choice for winter heat?

For an energy-efficient home this winter, ducted air conditioning can be a great choice. We look at the benefits of installing a ducted air conditioner and its suitability for your home.
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If you have multiple rooms or large open spaces to keep warm this winter, installing a ducted air conditioning system can have many benefits. Rather than just heating a single room with a wall-mounted split system or portable heater, a ducted system has the benefit of being hidden in the roof space with ductwork going to each room, which allows you to heat multiple areas in your home at once.

A ducted system can save on installation space outside by using a single outdoor unit, reducing the area required compared to installing multiple split systems. And inside, a ducted unit is discreet and out of the way, as the ductwork runs through the roof space to each room and does not use valuable wall or floor space, which also makes it a very quiet and unobtrusive form of heating.

One of the hesitations of installing a ducted system can be the perceived running costs to heat the entire home. But when comparing it to conventional gas or portable electric heaters, reverse cycle air conditioning is the most energy-efficient form of heating. The amount of energy produced as heating far exceeds the input energy.

Energy usage can vary from home to home, so to properly gauge running costs for your home, visit, where you’ll be able to find out energy consumption and running costs:

To help reduce the energy consumption of your heating, try using the tips below:

  • Select an air conditioner with a lower power input value. Check the Energy Rating label for details or the website:
  • For heating, set the room temperature to two degrees lower. Each one degree set lower will save energy.
  • Close the windows and curtains.
  • Consider installing roof insulation.
  • Use external shutters or blinds.
  • Zone control for ducted systems allows you to only heat the rooms you need to.
  • Use Wi-Fi control options. By connecting your air conditioner to your smartphone or tablet, you will have ‘on the go’ control to check and make sure you haven’t accidentally left it running.
  • If you are buying a new air conditioner, speak to an air conditioning specialist who can give you a “heat load calculation”, which is the specific kW capacity of heating and cooling you need and the appropriate air conditioner to do the job.

– Air conditioners that don’t have enough kW heating or cooling capacity will run flat out and use a lot of power and potentially not heat or cool the space properly.

– Air conditioners that are too big will cycle off too soon and not run at peak efficiency and be an expense that isn’t necessary.

Find out more information on the range of Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Air Conditioners, or contact your local air conditioning dealer for advice.

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