Learn how to use your Wi-Fi Control

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control allows you to perform all the basic functions expected from a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system, plus many more advanced features exclusive to the Wi-Fi Adaptor. With our remote control system, your air conditioning unit will join your other smart home devices in creating a comfortable environment as you save money on energy costs.

The basic, everyday functions of smart air conditioners can be accessed through the ‘Control Unit’ tab — which would essentially serve as your smart AC controller — on the Wi-Fi Control App.

The Control Unit page allows you to:

Power your air conditioner on/off
Change operation modes: auto, heat, cool, dry, and fan
Set desired room temperature
View real-time room temperature
Control flow direction
Control fan speed


With internet access through a Wi-Fi network, you can use your smart AC controller to set your unit to pre-cool or warm even before you arrive home.

View the online demo to control an air conditioning system

Tip – Equipped with advanced two-way communication, the Wi-Fi Control app provides you with instant confirmation that your command has been received by your air conditioner unit. This means you can be confident that your WiFi air conditioner will do exactly what you want it to. However, it will take anywhere between 1 second and 1 minute for your air conditioner to action the command.

Optional upgrade adapter required per unit. Please see our MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Controller for details.

So, how does air conditioning Wi-Fi control work?

The below diagram depicts the advanced process that enables you to remotely have bi-directional control of your smart air conditioner through your phone, allowing for maximum comfort. For a step-by-step explanation, see below.

Remote control

Wi-Fi Control App

For your smartphone, tablet or computer

For full Wi-Fi control over your smart air conditioner, you require both a Wi-Fi Control account and a Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control Adaptor. This will enable you to send instructions to your air conditioner, and within seconds (up to one minute), your smart AC unit will receive and action the command.
Your air conditioner will send a confirmation signal to your phone, so you can be confident that your command has been received. You are also able to check the temperature and settings of your air conditioner and adjust programming accordingly, via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Download the ‘Mitsubishi Wi-Fi Control App’ on your smartphone for full control over your air conditioner system; click here for an online demonstration and download information about our smartphone app.


Internet Connection between Smartphone and Server

To control your air conditioner, your smartphone requires an active internet connection to send the command from your phone to your air conditioner via the server.

Read the list of minimum requirements


Cloud Server

The Cloud server facilitates the connection between your smartphone, tablet or computer and your air conditioning unit.

Every minute the cloud server and your air conditioner communicate – this ensures commands sent via the Wi-Fi Control App are activated quickly. Also, scheduled rules which are stored on the server are activated automatically during this process. Your App will also be kept up to date with the status of your air conditioner due to a bi-directional signal.

For example, if a WiFi-enabled remote control is used in the room, the settings will be updated on your App – ensuring you always have real time information about your system.
The server is also able to confirm your air conditioner is working correctly. However, if there is a fault, your air conditioner will be able to send the fault code to your phone – making detecting and fixing issues simple.

Remote control

Wireless Router

A compatible WPS enabled wireless router with coverage to the air conditioner installation location.

Read the list of compatible routers and minimum requirements.

Mission-critical Redundancy

Wi-Fi Control Adaptor

The Wi-Fi Control Adaptor connects discreetly to your air conditioner’s control board and should only be installed by an authorised installer. Its clever design means no wires will compromise the sleek style of your air conditioner.


Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Units

The Wi-Fi Control Adaptor is available on compatible Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units. The Wi-Fi Control Adaptor can either be purchased as an optional upgrade when purchasing an air conditioning unit or retrofitted to an existing compatible unit.

Optional upgrade adapter required per unit. Please see our MAC-568IF-E Wi-Fi Controller for details.