Residential Living Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric offers a suite of leading products and solutions that enhance the comfort, sustainability and efficiency of residential living environments.

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a wide range of high-quality, energy-efficient electrical appliances and equipment for homeowners, tenants, strata managers and residential apartment managers. Our products and solutions include air conditioners, air treatment solutions and refrigerators, all designed and manufactured to incorporate leading technologies and energy efficiency.

Reducing energy consumption, enhancing the comfort and ambience of living environments and ensuring cost effective solutions are all key focus areas that drive our ongoing development and delivery of innovative products for residential environments.


Mitsubishi Electric award-winning fridges are ergonomically designed for the end-user, enabling efficiency and ease of use.

Our fridges incorporate various refrigeration and freezer configurations to meet customer needs, with multi-drawer, French door and top or bottom mount freezer models.

Our range of fridge designs, capacities and functionalities are designed to meet a range of unique kitchen sizes and residential usage requirements.

Energy efficiency, food preservation and hygiene control technologies are included, promoting enhanced safety and sustainability benefits for users.

Air Purifier

The Mitsubishi Electric air purifier improves indoor air quality in homes, reducing the risk associated with airborne allergens and viruses. Our air purifier is designed to clean and filter large volumes of air efficiently and is highly effective in cleaning large spaces in a short period of time.

Our air purifier removes fine particles both improving the comfort of living environments for residents and reducing potential exposure to common asthma and allergy triggers including dust, pollen, pet allergens and some gases.

Our innovative auto cleaning and washable prefilter, high-performance HEPA filter, platinum catalyst filter and activated carbon filter catch up to 99.97%* of ultra-fine particles and harmful gases, and use nanotechnology to absorb odorants and freshen living spaces.

* Tested in accordance with JIS B 9908:2011

AP Series Split System Air Conditioning

Custom designed for residential living, the Mitsubishi Electric AP Series Split System Air Conditioners are engineered for effective climate control all year round. A streamlined design and neutral colour palette ensures this air conditioner blends into any home and our innovative heating and cooling technology improves energy efficiency.

We also supply an extensive range of leading wall mounted, multi-split and ducted air conditioners.

Comfortable living environments are enhanced with the AP Series’ settings, which include quiet and night mode. Quiet mode is part of the fan speed of the indoor unit. The lower the fan speed, the quieter the operation of the indoor unit. Night mode changes the brightness of the operator indicator, disables the beep sound and limits the outdoor unit noise level.

Full inverter technology improves the high performance of our air conditioning units. Energy efficiency is enhanced with R32 refrigerant (compared with R410A) and anti-corrosion treatment is applied to the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit for added long-term protection.

Lossnay Ventilation

The Mitsubishi Electric pioneering Lossnay ventilation system operates as a heat exchange in homes, removing stale inside air and replacing it with fresh, filtered outdoor air.

Designed for (but not limited to) airtight and highly insulated houses, these systems also recover energy from the outgoing air to pre-heat or cool incoming fresh air as needed, to control climate conditions at the optimal level.

Lossnay ventilation systems are engineered to support healthy homes and living spaces, providing fresh air inside without the need to have windows open. The system also assists in reducing moisture and condensation and improving air quality.

Energy savings are a key benefit for homeowners and facility operators with Lossnay ventilation. Heat recovery from outgoing stale air and damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms is captured and used to pre-heat or cool incoming air, reducing heating /cooling demand and associated energy requirements. The bypass mode also enables fresh air to circulate on warmer days without the need for air conditioning cooling, such as overnight in summer.