Manufacturing Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric delivers totally integrated, secure products and solutions for today’s automated, digital, and connected manufacturing facilities and operations. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a wide range of integrable electrical equipment and electronics designed to meet the needs of the global manufacturing sector. Our products and solutions are tailored to enable manufacturers to automate and digitise operations, enhance flexibility and adaptability, optimise integration between buildings and processes, maximise efficiency, and achieve sustainability objectives.

Our automation software solutions enable centralised data management and support high performing, efficient and sustainable operations. Ongoing development of our products and solutions reduces maintenance requirements and assists with the pre-emptive identification and resolution of faults and issues.


The Mitsubishi Electric innovative ICONICS software delivers a high-level supervisory system for manufacturing operations. GENESIS64™ monitors and controls equipment by gathering and centralising all relevant network data, empowering teams to make prudent and efficient decisions.

ICONICS supports planning to realise faster assembly, improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime and increased safety. It also optimises preventative and predictive maintenance schedules to avoid unexpected equipment failures. An open and secure platform, ICONICS is interoperable with IoT and all types of computer equipment and systems. Mission-critical redundancy solutions are easy to install, configure, deploy and view from any device.

Factory Automation

Mitsubishi Electric invests significantly in research and development (R&D) to optimise and strengthen manufacturing and production processes. With an extensive product line-up, integrated solutions and a global service network, we focus on continually evolving and providing high-performance, best-quality products that enhance competitiveness and sustainability for manufacturers.

We provide a full range of automation hardware, including programmable controllers, servo and motion controllers, graphical operator terminals, frequency inverters, industrial robots, low/medium voltage switchgear and energy-saving supporting devices.

Further, we provide a range of digital solutions that enhance and optimise manufacturing operations, including a 3D simulator, data science and machine learning tools, and engineering software to reduce the total cost of ownership for production sites and engineering environments.

Air Conditioning

The Mitsubishi Electric range of air conditioning systems is designed to deliver high-efficiency temperature control, ideal for manufacturing facilities and accompanying offices. Our expertise, experience and innovative product lines enable building operators to significantly improve energy performance, reduce operating costs, and comply with rigorous regulations.

Our products meet the challenge of delivering heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water with flexibility of design and control while maximising energy efficiency. Our air conditioning solutions use sustainable energy resources to minimise power consumption and provide the highest levels of comfort available.


With an efficient and reliable UPS, manufacturing facilities minimise interruption to production lines and protect critical equipment and control systems from surges. Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems are designed to deliver maximum performance and reliability, high density and high efficiency to users.

Downtime is costly. Our UPS products and solutions provide reliable environments for manufacturers, leading to consistent operational performance and outcomes. Providing industry-leading protection and a small physical footprint, our products and solutions facilitate backup power and conditioning to maintain processes despite external fluctuations. Power protection is assured to execute a controlled shutdown.