Ceiling Cassette



  • Capacity Range: 3.6 – 16 kW
  • Optimum airflow
  • High and low-ceiling modes
  • Automatic fan speed
  • Easy installation
  • Easy cleaning
  • 3D i-See Sensor

4-way ceiling cassette offers 72 different airflow patterns. Each vane angle can be set individually with different configurations for 4, 3, or 2 way throws.

Optimum airflow

Optimum airflow

The 4-way ceiling cassette offers 72 different airflow patterns for optimum air distribution and internal comfort. Each vane angle can be set individually with different configurations for 4, 3, or 2-way throws. Improved vane design now makes horizontal airflow possible, helping reduce cold drafts.

High and low-ceiling modes

High and low-ceiling modes

Units are equipped with high and low-ceiling operation modes that make it possible to switch the airflow volume to match a room's height. The ability to choose the optimum airflow volume makes it possible to optimise the breezy sensation felt throughout the room.

Automatic fan speed

Automatic fan speed

In automatic fan speed mode, the unit will automatically adjust the fan speed to maintain comfortable room conditions at all times. At the start of the operation, the fan will automatically go too high to quickly heat/cool the room. As the room temperature reaches the desired condition, the fan speed will automatically decrease for stable and comfortable heating/cooling operation.

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

With an optional automatic elevation panel, the filter can be lowered by a push of a button, making cleaning the filter easy, even with high ceilings.

Easy installation_plfy

Easy installation

The improved design helps ease the installation of the unit and reduces overall installation cost. Each aspect is carefully thought from redesigning the structure panel with temporary hooks, removing screws, simplifying wiring methods, and increasing space for pipework connections.

3D i-See Sensor_plfy

3D i-See Sensor

The optional 3D i-See Sensor accurately detects not only the human body temperature but also the location and number of people in the room. It uses an algorithm to reduce power consumption while maintaining the comfort condition in accordance with the location and number of occupants in the room. Direct and indirect airflow settings are also available to further enhance air distribution in the room.




PLFY-P-VEM-E-A specifications.