Ceiling Concealed



  • Capacity Range: 1.7 – 7.1 kW
  • Compact design
  • 450 mm deep
  • Three return air intake positions
  • External static pressure up to 45 Pa
  • Built-in drain pump option

A ceiling concealed unit with compact dimensions is ideal for limited installation spaces, such as above a wardrobe or in a bulkhead. All VMX models feature a 450 mm depth and 200 mm height.

Compact design_VMX(L)

Compact design

All models measure 450 mm*1 in depth and 200 mm in height, suitable for installation with limited space, such as in a bulkhead or above a wardrobe. The heat exchanger's V-shaped design reduced the depth by approximately 33%. The line-up is available from 1.7 to 7.1 kW. *1 Duct flange and filter are excluded.

The filter and control box are accessible from the bottom for easy maintenance and setting changes. Changes in filter structure and inlet shape on the top and rear inlet models reduced the minimum clearance requirement to 50 mm, enabling the indoor unit to be installed in a narrow space.

Three return air intake positions

Three return air intake positions

With the three return air intake positions (rear/bottom/top and rear) to choose from to suit the installation conditions. The rear inlet installation provides a low sound pressure level and is suitable where quietness is required. Bottom inlet installation requires less rear clearance space, allowing for installation in tight spaces. Top and rear inlet installation requires the same amount of installation space as the bottom-inlet models but is quieter.

Static pressure maximum 45Pa

Static pressure maximum 45Pa

The maximum pressure setting differs depending on model, with three fan speed settings for all models.

Built-in drain pump option_VMX(L)

Built-in drain pump option

The line-up consists of two variants: models with a built-in drain pump and those without a built-in drain pump. This allows more freedom in piping layout design. *Units with an "L" at the end of the model’s name are without a built-in drain pump. The built-in pump can achieve a max lifting height of 700 mm *For PEFY-P VMX-E(1).




PEFY-P-VMX(L)-E(1) specifications.