Ceiling Concealed



  • Capacity Range: 9 – 28 kW
  • Enables intake of outside air
  • Optional drain pump

Ceiling concealed air conditioner unit with fresh air intake capability to supply pre-treated outside air to the room, optimising comfort and indoor air quality.

Enable intake of outside air

Enable intake of outside air

The fresh air intake type ceiling concealed unit is specifically designed to pre-temper outside air before it is supplied into the room. This reduces the load on the air conditioning unit and contributes to the stability of the room temperature, ensuring optimised room comfort. *Fresh air intake type indoor unit is designed to supply pre-treated outside air into the room. It is not to be used to maintain internal conditions.

Optional drain pump_PEFY-550

Optional drain pump

The introduction of an upper drain pump allows the drain connection to be raised to as high as 550 mm, allowing more freedom in piping layout design and reducing horizontal piping requirements.