Ceiling Suspended



  • Capacity Range: 4.5 – 14 kW
  • Easy installation
  • Consideration of harmony with interior design
  • Equipped with automatic air-speed adjustment
  • Optional drain pump
  • Auto vane control

Designed for ultra-quiet operation and easy maintenance, the unit provides comfortable air conditioning for a wide range of applications where floor or wall space cannot be used practically. A stylish indoor unit design and optional drain pump expand installation possibilities.

Easy installation_PCFY

Easy installation

The under ceiling suspended unit can easily be installed without requiring ductwork, even if the ceiling does not have sufficient space.

Consideration of harmony with interior design

Consideration of harmony with interior design

Sleek and slim with stylishly curved lines, the PCFY-Series blends right into any interior.

Equipped with automatic air-speed adjustment

Equipped with automatic air-speed adjustment

An automatic airspeed mode that adjusts airflow speed automatically is adopted to maintain comfortable room conditions at all times. This setting automatically adjusts the airspeed to conditions that match the room environment. At the start of heating/ cooling operation, the airflow is set to high-speed to quickly heat/ cool the room. When the room temperature reaches the desired setting, the airflow speed is decreased automatically for stable comfortable heating/cooling operation.

Optional drain pump_PCFY

Optional drain pump

The optional drain pump allows the drain connection to be raised as high as 600 mm, expanding flexibility in choosing the unit's location during installation work.

Auto vane control_PCFY

Auto vane control

Outlet vanes can be moved up and down using the remote controller. This improved airflow control feature helps eliminate cold drafts.




PCFY-P-VKM-E specifications.