Climaveneta Chillers

Multifunction 4-pipe heat pump systems

  • Cooling capacity range: 44 to 1,125 kW
  • Simultaneous hot and cold water production
  • Scroll, screw and inverter screw compressor options
  • Four refrigerant types available
  • Make the switch from gas to electric
  • IT cooling application integration

INTEGRA heat pumps simultaneously produce hot and cold water. This combined approach allows 4-pipe heat pumps to heat and cool adjacent but diverse ambient temperatures within the same building. With a cooling capacity spanning from 44 to 1,125 kW, INTEGRA units are available with three compressor technologies – scroll, screw and inverter screw compressors, and four refrigerant types.

One single unit for heating and cooling

One single unit for heating and cooling

This type of system is suitable for air conditioning in buildings that require separate areas to be heated and cooled simultaneously. Traditional solutions include the adoption of complex HVAC systems based on a boiler plus chiller solution, while INTEGRA provides both hot and cold water production through the installation of one single unit.

Self-adaptability with simultaneous loads

Self-adaptability with simultaneous loads

INTEGRA heat pumps respond to building demand automatically and autonomously. The unit's advanced control logic can independently produce cold or hot water according to the building's actual needs.

High energy efficiency_integra

High energy efficiency

INTEGRA units have been accurately designed to maximise their usefulness when working with simultaneous loads. This is the case of modern buildings with opposite overlapping thermal loads when the total amount of energy is fully employed to satisfy the system's hot and cold demands.

Simplified installation_integra

Simplified installation

INTEGRA eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling resources, such as the traditional boiler plus chiller solution. Only one heat pump unit is used to produce both heating and cooling, simplifying the system. Plant areas are reduced, hydronic circuits are simplified, maintenance is reduced, and control is consolidated.

Switch from gas to electric_integra

Switch from gas to electric

With INTEGRA, connecting to the gas network is no longer necessary. Multifunction 4-pipe heat pump systems from Mitsubishi Electric provide an opportunity for organisations aiming to transition away from gas use for comfort and IT cooling applications.

IT cooling application integration

IT cooling application integration

The heat generated by powerful computer servers is a precious energy source. This thermal energy can be recovered and reused if necessary, turning it into a precious economic asset. The Smart Thermal Energy Management System is an innovative heat recovery system that allows the smart use of rejection heat from the industrial processes or cooling of a data centre or IT room for comfort heating and other neighbouring applications.

Full Inverter products for high energy efficiency

Full Inverter products for high energy efficiency

The new inverter-driven i-FX-Q2 and i-NX-Q reach higher efficiencies than fixed-speed units with any combination of cold/hot load and in any season.

Other Features

  • +2P module: additional 2 pipe modules to allow the system to produce hot water up to +78°C
  • Smart Defrost Function
  • Energy storage algorithms are always used to promote the most efficient operating conditions.
  • Water Saver function for allowing water source unit only to utilise the needed water



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