Air-sourced reversible heat pumps

i-FX-N-G05 Air-sourced Reversible Heat Pumps

i-FX-N-G05 0472-1152

  • Capacity range from 444 to 1,154 kW
  • Full inverter technology
  • High heating and cooling performance
  • Extended operating range (Hot water production up to 60°C)
  • R513A low GWP refrigerant
  • Reduced Sound Power Levels, compact footprint and higher energy efficiency

The i-FX-N outdoor air source heat pump is designed for medium to large capacity low temperature hot water (LTHW) commercial applications. The system features inverter driven screw compressors (444 to 1154 kW), variable speed fans, and R513A low global warming potential refrigerant and is suitable for a wide range of projects.

This new generation of air source heat pumps has been perfectly designed to reduce operating costs while remaining extremely compact.

R513A low GWP refrigerant

R513A low GWP refrigerant

New generation refrigerant R513A, with reduced greenhouse effect in comparison with traditional HFC refrigerants (Global Warming Potential GWP of R513A = 572, GWP of R134a = 1300 as per IPCC rev. 5) and zero impact on the ozone layer. Non-flammable (ASHRAE 34, ISO 817: class A1).

Over 1 MW of Cooling and Heating Capacity

Over 1 MW of Cooling and Heating Capacity

i-FX-N delivers large cooling and heating capacities of over 1 MW in order to meet the demands and high standards of large scale operations.

Reduced Sound Power Levels

Reduced Sound Power Levels

Super low noise, high efficiency variant (SL-A) available.

This version features special soundproofing for the compressor compartment and the pumps (if present) and a reduced fan speed. The fan speed is automatically increased in case of particularly tough environmental conditions.

The super low-noise model is ideal for sound-sensitive environments such as museums, theatres, hospitals, institutions, and hotels.

Full Inverter products for high energy efficiency_i-FX-N

Full Inverter products for high energy efficiency

Energy efficiency improvements are achieved by utilising variable speed technology in all main components, such as compressors, fans, and the hydronic module. This technology allows for high efficiency at both full load and partial load during heating and cooling, achieved through inverter technology that continuously adjusts compressor operation and the use of EC fans as standard.

This ensures that the exact amount of energy needed is delivered based on the system's actual requirements. The high efficiency results in reduced energy consumption throughout the year, regardless of the operation mode or outdoor conditions.

One single unit for heating and cooling_ifxn

One single unit for heating and cooling

This type of system is suitable for air conditioning in buildings that require areas to be heated or cooled. Traditional solutions include complex HVAC systems based on a boiler plus chiller solution, while i-FX-N provides both hot and cold water production through the installation of one single unit.

i-FX-N has an operating range of 60°C for hot water production, down to -12°C ambient in heat pump mode, and up to 50°C in chiller mode.

Simplified installation and testing

Simplified installation and testing

The need for separate heating and cooling resources, such as the traditional boiler plus chiller solution, is eliminated. Only one heat pump unit is used to produce both heating and cooling, simplifying installation. Plant areas are reduced, hydronic circuits are simplified, maintenance is reduced, and control is consolidated.

Although the new range exceeds a megawatt of power, all sizes are available for testing at the Mitsubishi Electric Testing Center in Italy for Australian customers. On request, the performance and noise emissions of the new i-FX-N can be checked even under the most extreme conditions.

Switch from gas to electric_ifxn

Switch from gas to electric

Connecting to the gas network is no longer necessary. Heat pump systems from Mitsubishi Electric provide an opportunity for organisations aiming to transition away from gas use for comfort and IT cooling applications.

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